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County to answer RUSS by May 8

By Linda Wenger | Apr 09, 2013

Residents who live along or close to Vine Avenue (also known as old 218) will have to wait a year for improvements to be made to a four-mile stretch of the old highway.
That project is in the Secondary Roads Department’s five-year construction plan as presented by county engineer Jacob Thorius, along with several other projects. Thorius told the supervisors that he has saved funds for the project. He said the project would probably go out for bids next winter.
The supervisors unanimously approved the five-year plan and the Secondary Roads Department fiscal year 2013-14 Iowa Department of Transportation budget during their weekly meeting Tuesday morning.
For the third straight weekly board meeting, two resolutions proposed by the Regional Utility Service Systems (RUSS) for the Richmond and Rubio sewer systems have been on the county’s agenda. RUSS has wanted an answer from the supervisors by April 10 on what the status of the projects is. The RUSS Board will hold its next meeting on April 10.
Tuesday morning, Supervisor Jack Seward proposed amending the resolutions by changing the date the county will give its answer to the RUSS board to May 8.  Seward is Washington County’s representative on the RUSS board.
Seward said the supervisors are not ready to make a decision by April 10, but they are getting close to a decision. He said the supervisors have discussed the Richmond lagoon and possible alternatives as they try to decide what’s best for the residents involved and for the county.
Supervisor Ron Bennett said the supervisors have made real progress in their attempt to come up with the least painful solution for everyone involved.
The supervisors agreed to amend the resolutions to set the deadline as May 8.
The Orchard Hill Rehabilitation Project is nearing completion. The project has converted one of the Orchard Hill buildings into a food pantry and Head Start classrooms for HACAP. Gary Hughes, administrator of the Community Development Block Grant, told the supervisors about the project’s progress. He provided an update on the budget for the project.
The supervisors agreed to meet with the Washington County Planning and Zoning Commission at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 18, at the Washington Public Library. (See tomorrow’s Journal for more details on this topic.)

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