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County to purchase West Main house

By Xiomara Levsen | Jul 12, 2017
This is the property just west of the courthouse that the supervisors asked the county attorney to continue with purchasing at the supervisors meeting Tuesday morning.


The supervisors approved moving ahead with a purchase agreement for the property located at 302 West Main Street in Washington at the meeting Tuesday morning.

Washington County Attorney John Gish sent the supervisors the formal agreement to buy the former Goff property. The county would take possession of the property Aug. 1 as stated in Paragraph 5 of the agreement. In Paragraph 8 the agreement said the fixtures would stay with the property, but the sellers want to be able to remove the brand-new furnace from the property if the county decides to level the building. The county would also need to get a title opinion for the property.

“Is that furnace negotiable?” Washington County supervisor Abe Miller asked.

“It’s negotiable,” Gish replied. “It’s just one thing that they asked for, and if it’s something the board would like to keep with the property I can go back to the sellers on that.”

Board chairman Richard Young said they weren’t sure when the building would be torn down. If it still is up this winter, they would need to heat the building unless all the water lines were drained.

“I guess when we discussed the property I was under the impression that we’re not going to tear the building down,” supervisor Bob Yoder said.

“It’s a possibility that we’re going to tear that down — yes, but when, is the next question,” Young said. “If we were going to do it tomorrow, it’s no big deal.”

Supervisor Jack Seward Jr. asked if there was any thought of the county occupying that building.

Young said no, but he was just throwing out the idea of keeping the building there for now.

Washington County auditor Dan Widmer asked what the value of the new furnace would be because the Goff family thought there was some value to it and possibly the county could remove it and sell it.

Seward said he wouldn’t even entertain that idea.

“I’m OK personally that if we decided to tear the building down they could have the furnace and everything back, so that piece in there is fine,” Seward added. “As far as when we give the furnace back to them, I guess we’re needing to decide whether or not we should just shut the water off to it and be done with it because we don’t need any in there.”

Widmer suggested giving the buyers a deadline to get the furnace out or it becomes the county’s property.

Supervisor Stan Stoops suggested giving the furnace back but have the previous owners take the steps for shutting off all the utilities and draining the water pipes.

“So they don’t burst or anything,” Stoops added. “That would be on them. That’s my suggestion.”

Gish said he could speak to them about shutting off the utilities and draining the water pipes.

Widmer said he would just like to have a deadline set for them to come get the furnace.

In the agreement, a deadline is set, Gish replied. It’s within 90 days of the closing.

Yoder said the only problem he saw with giving the furnace back to the previous owners is if the building stays up through the winter.

Seward asked Widmer if there were any county departments interested in occupying that building for any reason. Widmer said no.

“My opinion was we were going to use it for parking,” Young added.

“Well, that’s the way I understood it,” Yoder said. “We want the land. We do not want the building.”

Yoder asked if they were thinking of giving the building away or were just going to tear it down.

“That will still have to be determined,” Widmer replied.

Seward said this was for the board to determine later. He made the motion for the county attorney to continue making the steps with the purchase of the building.

The motion was passed unanimously.

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