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By Billie Jo Rose, Crawfordsville Correspondent | Sep 16, 2013

By Billie Jo Rose

Crawfordsville Correspondent

Members and guests of the Crawfordsville Lions Club gathered to kick off its 60th anniversary year with the annual installation banquet at Monday, Sept. 9, at the United Church of Crawfordsville.

Those attending were Dist. Gov. Fred Stark, Arvid Anderson, Scott and Jeanne Davis, Larry and Donna Fletcher, Randy Finke, Joel and Luetta Greene, David and Lisa Jewell, Larry and Nancy Love, Mike Massey, Gene and Pat Miller, Lance Miller, Mindy Rochwick, Billie Jo Rose, Loree and Ken Stogdill, Larry and Barb Swailes, Steve Williams, Ruth Erwin and Craig Koehler.

Sixty-year charter member Arvid Anderson introduced his special guests — his wife, Joan, son Ed; sister, Vicky Bergstrom, and his nephew and wife, Gary and Sally Anderson.

The meeting was called to order by outgoing president Lion Steve Williams, who led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance while Lion Nancy Love gave the invocation.

Stark spoke about Lionism in the state of Iowa, in this geographical area, and how everything Lions do can make a difference.

Anderson then took the floor for a time of remembering through the eyes of a 60-year member of the Crawfordsville Lions Club.

Awards were presented for perfect attendance: Billie Jo Rose, four years; Gene Miller, 11 years; Scott Davis, 23 years; Ed Massey, 25 years; Mike Massy, 34 years; and Randy Finke, 34 years.

The Si Finke Lion of the Year Award was given to Loree Stogdill.

The United Church Women met at the United Church met at the United Church of Crawfordsville Tuesday, Sept. 10, with 13 guests and Pastor Jason Collier present.

President Debbie Lowe called the meeting to order. Members read together the U.C.W. Opening Creed.

Julia Bletscher shared a devotion about Christian hospitality. She said, "We are all God’s children. It is important to make new persons welcome in our church and community. Faith in God can help with managing stress."

The Fellowship of the Least Coin and Pledge offerings were taken.

Lowe read correspondence received. Thank-you notes were read from Charles and Kaye Huff, the Helen Arthur family and Iowa City Hospice. Lowe thanked the rummage sale committee for a job well done.

The Lions Club supper held on Sept. 9, received receipts from 35 reservations.

Members present were encouraged to sign up for devotions, hostess and work committees for 2014.

The 2013 Presbyterian Women Thank Offering devotion was led by Clarissa Malmberg. The 2013 World Thank Offering was collected.

The 2014 slate of United Church Women officers was presented by Pauline Richardson of the Nominating Committee. They are president, Debbie Lowe; secretary, Cathy Williams; treasurer, Pat Miller; and 2014 nominating committee members — one year, Carol Steele; two years, Clarissa Malmberg; and three years, Donna Fletcher. A unanimous ballot passed for this slate of officers. Coordinating Committees:

Study and Devotions-Mission Outreach: Ruth Erwin, Clarissa Malmberg and Pauline Richardson.

Local Activities: Carol Steele, Donna Fletcher and Ann Lewis.

Dorcas: Wilma McAllister.

Cards, flowers and Gifts: Billie Jo Rose and Cathy Williams.

The group decided to proceed with the church nursery decorating project.

Discussion was held with input from members attending regarding present and future needs and updating the kitchen. Previous discussion had included limited oven size. Members were encouraged to submit and discuss their ideas.

Lowe read correspondence regarding the search for a network communicator for the Western Network, Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of East Iowa.

Members decided to purchase another fan for the kitchen, increase the price per plate for serving meals, and continue the United Presbyterian Mission Pledge sum. The UP pledge form will be taken to the United Presbyterian Fall Gathering in September.

Following discussion members decided to make decisions for monetary giving in November after the harvest sale funds come in and how to proceed with kitchen. Members decided to purchase toothpaste for the Ingathering health kits. Helen Lease reported there are 167 full school kits with approximately 60-plus empty bags.

A motion carried to purchase gift certificates for Pastor Jason to give to new persons moving into the community.

The work committee for September is Pauline Richardson and Deb Lowe. October’s committee will be Nancy Rugg and Billie Jo Rose.

Lowe thanked Julia Bletscher for hostessing this meeting.

The meeting adjourned with members reading the Closing Creed. Lowe read Scriptures from Psalm 37:5.

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