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Darling writer incorrect

May 7, 2015
Kalona, Iowa

To the Editor:
I note with dismay that a recent letter, “Darling Is Back,” [see The Journal, May 5, 2015] reiterates a common misconception about county zoning. County zoning is prohibited by Iowa Code 335.2 from regulating “land, farm houses, farm barns, farm outbuildings or other buildings or structures which are primarily adapted, by reason of nature and area, for use for agricultural purposes, while so used. However, the ordinances may apply to any structure, building, dam, obstruction, deposit or excavation in or on the flood plains of any river or stream.”
It is highly unlikely that county zoning would alter the probability of a hog confinement in the Lake Darling watershed. Likewise, the master matrix is merely a formal method of accepting local comment and is not binding. Ultimately, it is the DNR which will determine whether such a facility may be built, unless it is small enough that it does not require a permit.
If Mr. Stacey truly wishes to stop a hog confinement facility from being built, he should be lobbying the state Legislature to change the Iowa Code, or possibly consider a friendly conversation with the land owner. County zoning is not the panacea for which he is clearly hoping, and will create many more problems than it may appear to solve.

James Graham