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Death reported at county jail

Autopsy of Ronald Boileau scheduled for this afternoon
By David Hotle | Dec 13, 2012
Ronald Boileau

Ronald Wayne Boileau, 51, of Washington, who was arrested Dec. 6 in connection with methamphetamine manufacture, was reportedly found dead in the Washington County Jail Wednesday afternoon.
Washington County Sheriff Jerry Dunbar said today that the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI) will investigate the death later today and an autopsy will be conducted on Boileau. While Dunbar didn’t comment on the apparent cause of death, he said that he doesn’t suspect foul play. He also said the death was other than natural causes. He believes DCI will have a report on the incident in the near future.
“We do not believe it was foul play and we are asking DCI to rule out foul play altogether,” Dunbar said. “They will make an analysis and determine if something else could have been done.”
He said DCI is contacted when there is an internal issue in the department that needs to be investigated independently.
Dunbar said that he has spoken with Boileau’s family and will contact them with results after the results of the autopsy are released.
A jailer found Boileau shortly after 1 p.m. Wednesday, Dunbar said. He said that Boileau was deceased at the time the jailer found him. He also said that Boileau did not have a cellmate.
Boileau had been charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine and three counts of conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine and was facing up to 50 years in prison. According to his court file, he allegedly sold methamphetamine to an undercover officer three times in Sunset Park. He had also supplied items to be used for meth manufacture.
An initial appearance had been scheduled for 11 a.m. Wednesday, but it had been postponed. Boileau had been appointed a court defender after claiming he had no job and no assets.
During a Washington County Supervisors meeting Tuesday morning, Dunbar had reported that the jail is not fully staffed. He said that a full-time jailer had recently left and a part-time jailer had moved up to full time.

Linda Wenger contributed to this story

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