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Decorations needed for RAGBRAI

By Diane Vance | Jun 21, 2013

FAIRFIELD — Artists, tinkers, woodworkers, designers, crafters — all willing volunteers —are needed to create and produce “Cirque de Fairfield,” decorations for RAGBRAI.
The inaugural meeting is 9 a.m. Saturday at Josie Hannes Design.
Volunteers ages 16 and older are welcome. Participants can review the overall plan Saturday and select projects to work on; some can be taken home and other projects will stay at Hannes’ studio until RAGBRAI set-up. Work will continue each Saturday morning through July 20.
“We want artists and people who can create posters, but we also need anyone willing to prime plywood or paint a board, cut shapes or help in any way,” said Hannes, committee chairwoman of the decorations committee.
“We need people to come and get inspired,” she said. “The goal is to create an atmosphere somewhere between Cirque de Soliel and Blue Man Group with its bright, vibrant colors.”
Envisioned projects include creating and painting vintage circus posters, making decorations for the gazebo, creating hanging tree and lamppost decorations and constructing an entrance into the information center on Grimes Avenue.
“These projects will help set the tone for Fairfield’s RAGBRAI theme ‘Cirque de Fairfield’ and create a playful, fun atmosphere,” said Hannes.
Paints and lumber supplies will be provided at the workshops.
Anyone who can work Saturday is asked to bring his or her own paintbrushes, rollers, scissors, hot glue guns and other equipment to help.
“We also need clean plastic water and soda bottles of all sizes,” Hannes said. “I don’t want milk jugs. We’ll cut off tops and bottoms and the bottles will be cut in spirals, to make a springy type of hanging decoration. They will be painted in fluorescent colors. We’ll be using a lot of bright fluorescent paints in this decorating scheme.”
The soccer fields on West Grimes Avenue will be the first Fairfield stop with information, directions, etc., for the bicycle riders coming July 26. Hannes has envisioned a “big top” themed entrance.
“Steve Winslow of Winslow Home Improvements is donating scaffolding to help create the big top,” said Hannes. “The scaffolding will be covered up with painted plywood panels. We’ve purchased pennants to hang.”
“I’d like to create a funky chandelier in the gazebo on the square and wrap the trees in lights,” she said. “I have a lot of ideas and goals — we need volunteers to create the vision.
“I would like to see an idea such as artists-adopt-a-tree to decorate. I asked the city not to cut down a dead tree in the square, I want to paint it and have markers on strings attached to it and anyone can sign or write on the tree,” she said. “It will create a cool memento.”
Contact Terry Baker at 472-2828 or go online to fairfieldragbrai.com for more information about the decoration committee and all things Fairfield RAGBRAI.

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