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Democrats caucus Tuesday

By Xiomara Levsen | Jan 22, 2014

Even with the colder temperatures, Democrats came to the Washington Public Library to attend the Democratic caucus on Tuesday, Jan. 21.
“I was surprised at the number of people who attended last night,” said Richard Gilmore, who was the chairman of the caucus. “It was cold, and they didn’t have to do this.”
Thirty-two people attended the caucus at the library from nine different precincts, which were: Washington wards 1 – 4, Wellman, West Chester, Ainsworth, Kalona, and Riverside, Gilmore said. Thirty-five delegates were selected to represent their precincts at the county convention in March, with six to seven as alternates, Gilmore said. Brighton had its caucus at a separate location.
Harold and Louise Frakes were in attendance for West Chester Precinct Tuesday night.
“Well, we’re disappointed with us [West Chester Precinct] because we called over 10 people to come. But overall in an off election year I think this is a nice number of people,” H. Frakes said.
They have attended caucuses on a regular basis since the early ‘70s.
“We went to Wellman in 1971 so we’ve probably made most all of them, if not all of them,” he said.
Both of them are delegates for their precinct but will have to select alternates to represent the West Chest Precinct at the county convention in March because they are unable to attend.
Besides selecting delegates, committees were formed for their upcoming county convention. A platform committee will meet on Feb. 1, in Kalona to discuss the resolutions proposed for the group’s platform.
Gilmore hasn’t looked at all of the proposed resolutions but saw two topics that will probably be part of the platform.
“Education will probably be one of them because there were a lot of schoolteachers in attendance,” he said.
The Washington County Democratic convention will be held on March 8, at the former public library in Washington at 9 a.m., Gilmore said.

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