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Demon Relays sizzle despite cold weather

By Derek Helling, Sports Editor | Mar 31, 2014
Photo by: Derek Helling The members of the Washington 4x200-relay team who won the Harold Ahrens Relay on Friday, March 28 at Case Field with a time of 1:36.38 are: from left to right, senior Alex Coker, junior Jacob Hennigan, junior Gage Redlinger and senior Carl Sivels.

It was colder than ideal conditions for outdoor track and field, but boys’ track athletes from all over eastern Iowa put on tremendous performances nonetheless. The 54th annual Washington Relays were held on Friday, March 28 at Case Field in Washington and featured great performances in many events.
The highlights of the night for the Demons were the shot put, the Doug Dunlap Relay and the Harold Ahrens Relay.
Washington’s Tommy Peterson again took first place in his class in the shot put with a throw of 48-5. The Demons also placed first in both of the afore-mentioned relays.
Steve Roth, who is now in his 39th year at the helm of the Demon boys’ track program, is optimistic about what he has seen in the short season thus far.
“The hurdles and the sprint races are going to be our strengths this season. The shot put and long jump are going to be great for us as far as field events go. The first outdoor meet gives us an idea of where we’re at. We need to work on our technique and we absolutely have to stay healthy. I want to thank everyone that was a part of making this event a success again this year,” Roth elaborated.
“I was happy with the field events despite the cold night. Both of our long-jumpers beat their performances last week. Our shuttle hurdle team is all rookies, so it’s going to be neat to see what they will do as they grow. Three of our top guys weren’t able to go tonight but the next guy up stepped in. Our exchanges need work. We went out with some jitters and didn’t hit our marks. It’s good for the guys to see the competition and see where they need to get,” Mid-Prairie co-head coach Shawn Powell said.
“I was pleasantly surprised tonight. Our sprinting is going to be our strength this season. Our 4x200 ran a time that nearly tied our best time from last season. We can improve on our exchanges but I’m really happy,” Keota head coach Larry Lyle stated.
“We did really well for our first meet. It was a 35-degree night, but our field events were great. We’re excited about our sprints. Mark Ramirez and Efrain Barajas both had personal bests. We have some kids who aren’t here tonight for a number of reasons, but I saw a lot of good things,” Columbus Community head coach Jeff Martin explained.
“This was our first outdoor event and we got the stick around in our relays, so I’m happy with that. Josh Shumaker got a personal best in the shot put, so we’re obviously happy with that. Dylan Carlson had a great night and we’re going to lean on him a lot this season,” WACO head coach Shannon Rugg commented.
In the team points, Mid-Prairie had the highest total of the area schools at 91. Columbus Community finished with their score at 72. WACO was right behind them at 62. Washington’s total was 57, Keota scored a 30 and the Washington JV finished with six. Following are the individual and relay results, listed by school and in order of events.

Discus throw-Class A: Daryn Sebelius finished 18th with a throw of 90-2 and Karlton Skubal placed 21st with a throw of 76-7. Class C: Seth Townsend placed 11th at 74 feet and Lane Keeler placed 17th at 48-6.
High jump-Michael Ellingson tied for second in Class A with his jump of 5-6.
Long jump-Bryce Craff tied for 10th in Class A with his leap of 16-2½ and Ethan Hanson placed 12th at 15-10½.
Shot Put-Class A: Tommy Peterson finished first with his throw of 48-5 and Tama Leutele came in 12th at 38-10. Class C: Skubal placed 13th at 31-9½, Townsend was 19th at 25-7 and Keeler came in 20th at 25-2½.
3200-meter run-Curtis Vest placed 15th in Class A in 11:50.17 and Bryce Sinn finished 19th in 13:25.37.
4x110-meter shuttle hurdle relay-The team of Jack Giardino, Alex Gonzalez, Jacob Hennigan and Gage Redlinger placed third in Class A with a time of 1:02.91.
100-meter dash-Class A: Carl Sivels placed third with his time of 11.83, Mason Quigley placed 15th in 12.83 and Tanner Knupp was 16th at 12.86. Class C: Hunter Bell finished 17th with his time of 13.29, Danta Clark was 19th at 14.29 and Dylan Kinman came in 20th at 14.36.
400-meter dash-Jacob Green placed 12th in Class A with his time of 59.57 and Neil Davis was 13th in Class C with his time of 1:17.98.
4x200-meter relay-The team of Alex Coker, Hennigan, Noah Lebsack, Redlinger and Sivels placed first in Class A with a time of 1:36.38 and the team of Caleb Bex, Bryce Craff, Ethan Hanson and Bryce Rickey finished fifth in Class C with a time of 1:43.92.
110-meter hurdles-Hennigan placed third in Class A at 15.37.
1600-meter run-David Mares finished 15th in Class A with a time of 5:20.22 and Ryan Loy placed 22nd at 6:48.34.
200-meter dash-Class A: Lebsack finished 11th with a time of 25.46, Kyle Schindler took 12th place at 25.75 and Knupp finished 15th in 26.43. Class C: Michael Dillon finished 17th in 30.73, John Dillon placed 18th in 30.82 and Jack Carter was 19th in 32.6.
1600-meter medley-The team of Ethan Hanson, Rickey, Schindler and Vest finished ninth in Class A with a time of 4:15.89.
800-meter run-Green took 12th place in Class A with a time of 2:18.43 and Sinn placed 23rd in 2:38.8.
4x100-meter relay-The team of Giardino, Knupp, Quigley and Sivels placed second in Class A with a time of 47.4 and the team of Craff, Hanson, Rickey and Jose Tapia finished fourth in Class C with their time of 49.15.
4x400-meter relay-The team of Coker, Hennigan, Lebsack and Redlinger took first place in Class A with at ime of 3:37.55.

Mid-Prairie (all placements were in Class B)
Discus throw: Levi Duwa placed third with a throw of 112-10, Dylan Schrock finished ninth at 90-3 and Caleb Statler finished 11th at 76-6.
Long jump-Eesaa Baylor was third with his leap of 18-9 and Isaiahn Powell came in fifth at 18-2½.
Shot Put-Duwa placed seventh with a throw of 37-4½, Schrock finished eighth at 35-11 and Chris Gent was 12th at 29-9.
3200-meter run-Ryan Errthum finished fourth in 10:41.47, Brent Foster came in sixth at 11:29.79 and Ben Stone was seventh in 11:55.86.
4x800-meter relay-The team of Ty Feigenspan, Andrew Schwartz, Zeb Schwartz, Jonah Vanroekel and Colin Weber finished third with their time of 9:23.5.
4x110-meter shuttle hurdle relay-The team of Duwa, Powell, Zach Schwartz and Evan Wild finished sixth at 1:14.22.
100-meter dash-Blake Schwartz placed 18th with his time of 13.38 and Hunter Eden was 22nd at 14.49.
400-meter dash-A. Schwartz came in third with his time of 57.73, Josh Tolander placed 13th at 1:05.18 and Nolan Bertelli was 16th at 1:18.37.
4x200-meter relay-The team of Baylor, Canaan Powell, I. Powell, Za. Schwartz and Wild finished third with a time of 1:40.73.
1600-meter run-Feigenspan finished fourth in with a time of 4:57.73, Errthum placed sixth in 5:08.14 and Bertelli came in 12th at 7:33.7.
200-meter dash-Tolander took 10th place with a time of 27.21 and Logan Bean finished in 17th place in 29.54.
400-meter hurdles-Za. Schwartz placed second in 1:02.36, Duwa was sixth in 1:06.91 and Blake Schwartz came in eighth place with a time of 1:10.15.
1600-meter medley-The team of Baylor, I. Powell, Ze. Schwartz, Weber and Wild placed second with a time of 4:03.66.
800-meter run-A. Schwartz finished third with a time of 2:18.55, Foster was fifth in 2:25.91 and Stone came in 11th in 2:30.37.
4x100-meter relay-The team of Baylor, C. Powell, I. Powell, Za. Schwartz and Weber placed first with a time of 47.24.
4x400-meter relay-The team of Errthum, Feigenspan, A. Schwartz, Ze. Schwartz and Wild took third place with a time of 3:51.97.

Keota (all placements were in Class C)
Discus throw: Matt Slaughter placed fifth at 88-9.
Long jump-Kolton Greiner came in sixth with his leap of 18-3½.
100-meter dash-Nate Sieren finished fourth with his time of 11.89.
4x200-meter relay-The team of Greiner, Ben Horras, Luke Lyle, Jason Ree and Sieren finished second in Class C with a time of 1:38.12.
1600-meter run-Isaiah Hahn took ninth place with a time of 6:02.9.
200-meter dash-Sieren finished third in 24.94.
800-meter run-Hahn placed eighth with a time of 2:41.99.
4x100-meter relay-The team of Greiner, Horras, Lyle, Ree and Sieren took third place with a time of 47.33.

Columbus Community (all placements were in Class C)
Discus throw: Mark Ramirez placed sixth at 87-6, Trace Taylor finished eighth at 82-9, Erik Rees was 12th at 71-4 ½ and Joan Mejia came in 14th at 68-7.
High jump-Angel Rodriguez finished third with a jump of six feet.
Long jump-Rickey Rivers finished second with his leap of 20-4 and Mauricio Ramirez came in fifth at 18-11.
Shot Put-Mark Ramirez placed first with his throw of 42-1½, Tucker Morrisson finished 14th at 31-3, Taylor Trace was 17th at 29-9 and Danny Fuentes came in 22nd at 24-10.
3200-meter run-Josh Keller placed second at 11:21.33 and Anthony Garcia finished third in 11:54.38.
3200-meter run-The team of Efrain Barajas, J.D. Lekwa, Shellabarger and Derek Tisor finished fifth in 11:17.96.
4x110-meter shuttle hurdle relay-The team of Carter Colby, Lous Garrison, Morrisson and Rodriguez placed fifth with a time of 1:15.51.
100-meter dash-Maur. Ramirez finished second with his time of 11.83.
400-meter dash-Danny Ayala came in 12th with his time of 1:09.85.
4x200-meter relay-The team of Ayala, Colby, Garrison, Mark Ramirez and Rodriguez finished sixth with a time of 1:45.46.
1600-meter run-Keller took third place with a time of 5:25 and Garcia placed fifth at 5:35.8.
200-meter dash-Maur. Ramirez finished first with a time of 24.45 and Ayala placed ninth at 27.32.
1600-meter medley-The team of Barajas, Colby, Garcia, Mark Ramirez and Rodriguez placed second with a time of 4:13.55.
800-meter run-Lekwa placed ninth with a time of 2:48.73, Shellabarger was 10th in 2:50.24 and Tisor came in 11th in 2:56.07.
4x100-meter relay-The team of Ayala, Colby, Garrison and Morrisson took sixth place with a time of 51.05.

WACO (all placements were in Class C)
Discus throw: Ben Herzinger placed 10th with a throw of 74-9 and Colton Wilson finished 18th at 45’.
High jump-Braden Blake placed sixth with a jump of five feet.
Long jump-Cornell Hulme finished eighth with his leap of 17-10 and Bryce Achen placed ninth at 17-5.
Shot Put-Josh Shumaker placed fourth with this throw of 39-2 and Tucker Janecek finished 10th at 35-1.
4x800-meter relay-The team of Isaac Black, Jorge Chacone, Justyn Chalupa and Jackson Roth finished third with their time of 10:19.6.
4x110-meter shuttle hurdle relay-The team of Achen, Dylan Carlson, Brett Hesseltien and Hulme finished third with a time of 1:07.77.
100-meter dash-Hesseltien finished seventh with his time of 12.53 and Hunter Leichty came in 12th at 12.66.
400-meter dash-Blake came in fifth with this time of 57.51.
4x200-meter relay-The team of Gabe Black, I. Black, Chalupa and Treavor Lynn placed eighth with a time of 1:50.9.
110-meter hurdles-Carlson placed second with a time of 16.02 and Achen finished seventh at 19.91.
200-meter dash-Hulme finished third with a time of 25.4, Lynn placed 12th in 27.9 and Leichty was 14th in 28.24.
400-meter hurdles-Chacone placed fifth in 1:06.11 and Carlson was eighth in 1:10.67.
1600-meter medley-The team of G. Black, I. Black, Chalupa and Roth finished fourth with their time of 4:25.74.
800-meter run-Blake took second place with a time of 2:11.97.
4x100-meter relay-The team of Achen, Carlson, Hulme and Janecek took second place with their time of 46.72.
4x400-meter relay-The team of Blake, Chacone, Chalupa and Roth took third place with a time of 4:06.18.
As the weather continues to warm, it’s a safe assumption that the distances and times of these boys will only heat up with it. For more on Washington’s performance on their home track, check out the accompanying video on The Washington Evening Journal’s Web site.

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