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Deputy responds to Riverside council meeting

By Xiomara Levsen | Oct 09, 2013

RIVERSIDE—At the city council meeting on Monday, Oct. 7, the discussion about the expenditure list and when the council members should receive them led to the Washington County Sheriff’s Department being called.
Councilor Chris Kirkwood began the discussion by saying the expenditures were getting confusing because of the different lists that are being sent out. She said by the time the city council has its meeting, there are two or three updates made to the list.
She made a motion that whatever bills city hall has by noon on Wednesday they go on the expenditure list. She said if bills are received after Wednesday and if there’s a late fee, city hall employees could go ahead and pay that bill.
City Administrator Rusty Rogerson said city councilors only received two expenditure lists. The last one was sent out at 2 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 4, to the councilors.
“I think Rusty did a great job of giving us these additional bills here,” said Councilor Bob Schneider Jr. “He put them in black so they’re bold and they stand out.”
Schneider also pointed out that the council wasn’t getting their packets until the Friday or Saturday before the meeting. Now the council is receiving their packets the Wednesday before, and that was an improvement, with 11 bills on the expenditure list that totaled $79,000. It’s not as if there is $2million to $3 million dollars in invoices the council has to go through like Schneider does in another group he’s in.
“To me, you’er nit picking,” Schneider said. “There’s no reason why he can’t even submit a bill that he needs to at the meeting as long as he has on the agenda bills.”
Councilor Nate Kasdorf said according to Rogerson and City Deputy Clerk Lory Young the city councilors are supposed to have all of their information 72 hours before the meeting. He said the bill list other council members had was different from the one he had.
Schneider said Kasdorf should have received an e-mail about the update. Kasdorf told him the council has talked about e-mails before. He said he didn’t receive a phone call or text message letting him know the council packet and expenditure list had been updated. He acknowledged he received an e-mail about the expenditure list but didn’t read it.
Resident Kevin Mills said Kasdorf should read his e-mail every day because that is what he is getting paid to do as a city council member.
“I don’t get paid to do that,” Kasdorf said. “I get paid to read this.”
He said to Simon holding up the city council packet, “Do you want to pay for my laptop? Do you want to pay for my Internet fee? I was out of town, Kevin.”
Councilor Kevin Kiene said the point is there has to be a cutoff date for the bills to be put on the expenditure list. He said the vendors could be told the cutoff day is the Wednesday before the city council meeting.
Kirkwood said there is an approved list of bills the employees at city hall can pay without having the council’s approval. The rest of the bills should go on the expenditure list by the Wednesday before the city council meeting.
“It seems like there’s so many requirements that we put on our staff each and every week that it seems like we almost have to have a part-time person to keep track of the changes we have each and every week,” said Mayor Bill Poch.
Poch said the council needed to trust the staff to do the right thing. He reminded the council a motion was made by Kirkwood and asked for a vote. Kirkwood, Kasdorf, and Kiene voted yes for the motion. Schnoebelen and Schneider voted no.
Riverside resident Tom McLaughlin said the 3-2 vote was shocking, a couple of times, sarcastically, to no one in particular from the audience.
Poch tried to call the meeting back to order several times. He told people to hold on with their comments, but no one was listening to him.
Young stood up after a few minutes of arguing and asked if the sheriff needed to be called. Then she walked out of the council chambers.
Poch called for a five-minute recess. Poch called the meeting back to order at 8:30 p.m. At about 8:45 p.m. a deputy from the Washington County Sheriff’s office came in and stood in the back of the chambers until the meeting was over. No other incidents took place at the meeting.
Other items that took place at the city council meeting included:
passing resolutions, which approved three grants to be submitted to the Washington County Riverboat Foundation for the fall grant cycle;
appointing Eric Tindal  from Nidey Erdahl Tindal & Fisher PLC, as the litigation attorney for the city;
appointing William J. Sueppel from Meardon, Sueppel,& Downer PLC as the city attorney.
The next city council meeting is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 21, at 6:30 p.m.

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