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Diet impacts skin, not just weigh

Apr 10, 2013

HOUSTON, Texas — A healthy diet does a body good inside and out, and a dermatologist at Baylor College of Medicine says that this is especially true for the skin, but not in ways that most people think.

"There is no scientific evidence that supports that a meal can trigger acne," said Dr. John Wolf, professor and chair of dermatology at BCM. "Diet affects overall health, which includes the skin, but the effects take time to appear."

A diet high in sugar and fat is bad for the body – including the skin, Wolf said. Foods high in carbohydrates and sugars can create fluctuations in blood glucose and insulin levels.

Foods that are considered healthy for the body will also benefit the skin, he said. For example, foods containing antioxidants are believed to fight free radicals that damage cells and accelerate the progression of illnesses.

Wolf said eating healthy is a good lifestyle choice to help prevent many illnesses, but won't replace daily skin care, such as properly cleaning and moisturizing the skin and always wearing sunscreen regardless of the weather.

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