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Different type of sports camp coming soon

By Bill Gatchel | Jul 21, 2017
Photo by: Bill Gatchel Signs promoting the Faith Baptist Church’s Mega Sports Camp have been seen all over Washington. The camp will be held at the church Aug. 7-11.

While area school children might be bored with nothing to do during their summer break, some find activities to do including sports camps held throughout the community.

Starting Aug. 7, a camp will be held for those wanting to focus on more than one sport.

Daniel Wright with Faith Baptist Church says he likes to go to the parking lot above where the outdoor camp will be held.

“I like to start off here and this cool opportunity because it gives me a chance to look down on an empty space that will be filled with a lot of kids the week of the camp, even when I don’t know the number of kids that will be,” he says.

“The first year, it was a vision. The camp was put together in something like two or three weeks and we had 40 kids. The second year, there was a lot more anticipation and we had 80 kids. So it’s gone up each year. This year we have the vision of 120 kids.

The church is offering the sports camp because many people know about sports.

“Over 90 percent of people identify with a sports team, whatever it is: college, professional, high school,” Wright says. “It’s a way to connect with the youth in the community. It’s an outreach opportunity for children to come and do what they love doing and connect with people that love kids and connect them with God and His love.”

As for the specific camps offered, Wright says they are hoping to appeal to everyone.

“We will have soccer, basketball, flag football and cheerleading camps,” he says. “We also have an alternative camp where we switch out football with baseball. Those taking part in the cheerleading camp will use what they learn during the week and cheer for the teams while they are playing their sports.

“They get to actually use what they learn and encourage everybody else at the same time.”

At the end of the week, Wright enjoys seeing the reactions from those who participated.

“Their reaction is excitement, energized, uplifted, encouraged and equipped with skills.

“Some of those skills they might have already learned and get to work on a little bit plus new ones. It’s a great opportunity to add to what the community is already providing with a little more hands-on ability because it’s staffed differently.

“Whether it’s baseball and being able to focus a little more on their swing or outfielding or basketball where they might take time to focus on their shot or even dribbling in soccer.”

For Wright personally, what has he taking away from the camp?

“I now have the ability to believe more,” he says. “To have a vision and then what I do with it and how I implement it, to implementing it and seeing it come out bigger and better than I ever imagined and knowing it wasn’t by my own hands that it was accomplished.

“It was faith and putting my trust in something bigger than myself.”

While many have already signed up, kids can come the day of the event and sign up.

“That is fine,” Wright says. “There is registration here or you can go to the church’s website and sign up that way.”

As for cost, there isn’t any, Wright adds.

“It’s free; the whole thing is free for those going into grades one to six,” he says. “The kids will get shirts in different colors and possible surprises at the end. We also have a dinner donation coming up at Pizza Ranch Monday, July 31, where a portion of the tips will go toward the cost.”

As for how it’s going to go, Wright says it’s going to be great.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” he says. “I’m looking forward to it.”

The Mega Sports Camp will be held from 5:45-8:30 p.m. Aug. 7-11, at Faith Baptist Church, which is located at 1220 West Madison in Washington.

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