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Disaster application discussed

By Xiomara Levsen | Jul 22, 2014
The Washington County Supervisor’s listen to Larry Smith, Washington County Emergency Management Coordinator, explain why approving the disaster declaration is needed at the meeting Tuesday morning.

The Washington County Board of Supervisors held a public hearing, discussed the proposed disaster declaration, and appointed a person as Veteran Affairs Commissioner at their meeting Tuesday morning in the courthouse.
The meeting began at 9:30 a.m. The first item on the agenda was a public hearing about Mike Norman’s proposed animal confinement feeding operation in Section 13 of Marion Township.
“I’ll lead off by saying the necessary notification was published in the three area newspapers, and personally, as well as in the auditor’s office we have not received any public comment regarding this proposed structure; and the other thing I’d like to say: this is the application the board considered a month or two ago, and after that approval took place the producer decided to move the proposed structure from where he planned to construct it in the first place,” said Washington County Auditor Dan Widmer.
Widmer asked Washington County Environmental Health Public Director Jennine Wolf if she had been over to Norman’s property to look at the proposed site. Wolf said she did, but asked for a continuation from the supervisors on this issue.
“I’m going to ask for a continuation because I’m getting a lot of messages,” Wolf said. “The only thing I did was check to see where the well separation distance was, and nobody knows what’s going on.”
Wolf said she has spoken to the DNR and it seems the application has been withdrawn by Norman. Norman told Wolf he would check on that and get back to her.
“I’m going to ask this be put off until next week so I can get more answers,” Wolf said.
Abe Miller asked how many head of livestock would be located in the confinement. Widmer said there would 4,800 head of finishing swine.
Washington County Supersvisor Bob Yoder said he didn’t think that was right. He thought the original number was 2,400 and now another 2,400 were being added.
“Didn’t we talk about this last week?” Yoder asked.
“No, this has been a month or so ago,” said Washington County Supervisor Steve Davis.
“No, this was three weeks ago,” said Washington County Supervisor Jack Seward Jr.
A motion was made to close the public hearing. The supervisors unanimously approved a motion to table Norman’s animal confinement feeding operation application until environmental health can finish their site visit.
Larry Smith, Washington County Emergency Management Coordinator, spoke about the Washington County disaster declaration application for the supervisors’ approval. He said this is one of the steps the county has to do to get federal funding for any uninsured loss.
“We’ve done these in the past,” Smith said. “I gave you a copy of our last one. It’s pretty much the same one we’ve used.”
The supervisors had a discussion last week and didn’t remember doing one before, Davis said. He asked Smith if this was a requirement.
Smith said no but said it had been done before.
Seward asked Smith if this was needed because the governor included the county in his disaster declaration. Smith said this was asking for money from the state, but the state doesn’t have any money, so this is one of the steps needed to take to ask for federal money from FEMA.
“What money are you asking for?” Seward asked.
“For the secondary road department for assistance to recoup the storm-damaged loss brought to the road system,” Smith said.
This would go along with the City of Kalona’s disaster declaration to put the damage threshold over $77,000 in Washington County, Smith said.
A motion was made to approve the disaster declaration. The motion was approved unanimously.
Sue Rich and Jeff Johnson from the Veterans Affairs office asked the supervisors to reaffirm Terry K. Philip’s appointment as a Veterans Affairs Commissioner.
There was one other applicant but that applicant didn’t bring it in the DD214 until the last day, Johnson said.
Rich said she tried to have
this person bring in the DD214 earlier but didn’t have any luck. It was after Johnson and Rich saw the DD214 that they realized this person didn’t qualify for the position.
“You have to have active service other than training per code so we recommend as we did previously that Terry be reaffirmed,” Rich said.
A motion was made to reaffirm the appointment of Philips. The motion was approved unanimously.
The supervisors also approved five resolutions for special assessments on properties the county authorized septic work on because of the order from the DNR.
“As we’re going through this process of satisfying the DNR and the consent order we have expended funds,” Seward said. “We have authorized contractors to put the systems in. The systems are in. The funds are set to be paid out and the last step in that in that is to authorize these special assessments against these properties. These resolutions are necessary to complete the process.”
The amount, when it will be paid back, and a 2 percent interest rate were specified in each resolution.
The resolutions named the properties of: Jessie and Kaylee Love; Scott and Amanda Entsminger; Gregory and Jody Dage; Marlene Carpenter; and Jason Boller.
All five resolutions were approved unanimously.
Other topics covered at the meeting included:
approving a quote from the CAR tuck pointing company of $63,529 for the phase two part of the restoration project at the Washington County Courthouse;
and acknowledged two donations totaling $600 for the Washington County Sheriff’s Department K-9 unit.
The next meeting will be held in the Board of Supervisors room next Tuesday, July 29, at 9:30 a.m. in the courthouse.

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