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Discovering ‘relativity’

By Mary Zielinski | Feb 01, 2013

AINSWORTH — Britney Graber and Jennifer Wagner, teachers at Highland High School, started a lunch as friends and ended as relatives.
During a recent lunch at the Ainsworth Four Corners, the two talked about favorite television shows with Graber noting if she “had all the money in the world” she would remodel the former Wyman School, making it a mansion.
“My grandma went to that school and I just love that school,” she said.
Wagner immediately replied, “My grandma went to that school, too, and I love it, too,” then asked Graber “What’s your grandma’s name?”
“Wanda Graber, but her maiden name was Hall.”
“My grandma’s maiden name also was Hall,” Wagner said.
Within minutes the two discovered their great-grandfathers, Floyd Hall (Wagner’s) and Lou Hall (Graber’s) were brothers, making their grandmothers Wanda Graber of Crawfordsville and Melba Grim of Washington, first cousins and the two teachers third cousins.

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