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Double Demon

By Pat Pacha Sidler | Nov 05, 2012

October 23, 2012

Chicago, Illinois


To the Editor:

I graduated from WHS as a Demon in 1980 and DePaul University as a Demon in 1991. I’m a double Demon. Interesting fact: Originally, the DePaul basketball men were called “D-Men” and this morphed to Demons. Also interesting is that DePaul is a fine Catholic university. As I reflect on the meaning of this, I see the irony. As a comfortable, mature Christian now, I can choose to laugh at this. I think calling oneself a Demon acknowledges we are all fallen. We’ve all eaten of the tree, we all sin, we all are in need of restorative grace that brings communities humbly together which is only possible if we can see the good and the bad in ourselves first, then cling to that which is good, noble, pure, joyful. All religions acknowledge humility as a fundamental need, to accept the authority of the greater good in community. I miss Washington and will carry the “Demon” badge with humble joy and acknowledge this with a bit of healthy “demonic” glee!


Blessings from Chicago,

Pat Pacha Sidler

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