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Down Memory Lane

By Yaro Chmelar | Sep 13, 2013
VICTORY BELL — Washington High School is now the proud owner of a "victory bell" which was given in memory of this year's graduating class and has been placed  inside a brick structure on the roof of the school east of the entrance to the new gymnasium. The picture above was taken just after the first bricks for the bell housing had been laid and shows several senior students who were in charge of the project and the two men, Charles Minick and Daryl Tucker, who donated their labor in constructing the brick housing for the bell. In the front from left are Gary Marston, Carolyn Hinshaw and Everett Jones. In back row are Gene Glider, Charles Minick, Daryl Tucker and Ted Thornton.

The Washington Community High School Class of 1958 did not get to go on a class trip because previous classes had misbehaved, so the class members decided to donate the money that they had raised for a trip back to the school in some form.

Ted Thornton purchased this bell on behalf of the Class of ’58, from The Mona and Joe Schlatter Antique Store. The bell was from a country schoolhouse in Washington County, but we do not know which one.

So, the Class of 1958 named this bell, Victory Bell, and gave it to the Washington High School, to be rung after being victorious in whatever endeavor we pursued, such as sports, music, the arts or academic contests.

Carolyn Hinshaw (McNeill) was instrumental in getting masons to build the brick structure for the bell, on the roof of the school east of the entrance to the “new” gymnasium. Carolyn mustered up courage to ask her uncle Charles Minick if he would help build this structure for her 1958 Class Victory Bell. Charles Minick and Daryl Tucker donated their labor to construct the brick house for the bell above the gymnasium entrance of the old high school.

The 1958 Class Victory Bell committee was Carolyn Hinshaw, Ted Thornton, Gene Glider, Gary Marston and Everett Jones.


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