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He can no longer avoid it!
By The Evening Journal | Jul 11, 2014
SURPRISE ELECTION. — Ed Wolfe and his throng of backers whooped it up following his election Thursday as president of Washington's Coffee Club. Wolfe was "railroaded" into office with a surprise campaign, one of the most intense in the club's history. — Journal photo

The following story appeared in the Friday, Nov. 18, 1983 Evening Journal.

In a steamrolling campaign Thursday that crushed even the hint of opposition, Ed Wolfe was elected president of Washington's famed Coffee Club.

The election effort at Winga's Restaurant included a band, placards and balloons imprinted with Wolfe's name. The brief but intense push ended with a unanimous ballot and a congratulatory kiss from waitress Barb Dalziel for the victor, a mild-mannered, retired Washington-area farmer and trucker.

True to his nature, Wolfe indicated he would have preferred that all the hubbub never happen.

The Coffee Club traditionally elects a new president almost daily, honoring birthdays, anniversaries and visitors. A drawback to the job is that its chief function is paying at least a portion of the coffee bill for each attending member.

Wolfe "put up such a fuss" when his name was tossed into the nominations one day, that he has been a regular candidate for some time now, said Bob Nicola, a fellow Coffee Clubber. Each time Wolfe respectfully or otherwise declined the nomination.

So Nicola and associates Carl Dallmeyer, Dean Garrett and Ike Greene put together a surprise campaign not even Wolfe could deny, though he tried.

Wolfe supporters, including a band of five musicians, marched through the cafe, tossing balloons and carrying placards proclaiming "Wolfe For President."

They stopped at Wolfe's table, where Nicola moved for a unanimous ballot for his candidate. It was cast, but not before Wolfe interjected: "Never mind now."

Following the election, Greene announced that Nicola, Dallmeyer and Garrett were picking up the club's coffee tab that day in honor of their recent birthdays.

Wolfe was speechless, though apparently relieved.

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