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Drainage problems discovered at Lincoln

By Xiomara Levsen | May 17, 2013
The boiler used for the former junior high wing of Washington High School barely passed inspection this year and isn’t expected to pass another year’s inspection.

At the Washington Community School District’s (WCSD) school board meeting on Wednesday, May 8, board members found out there is an issue with the 1992 addition at Lincoln Elementary School.
Superintendent Dr. Mike Jorgensen told the board that Dan Culp from Carl A. Nelson and Company, who is working on the designs for the new boiler at the old junior high school, told him about the issue at Lincoln.
“We have been looking at the Lincoln School ‘92 building and we may need to do exploratory surgery of one of the corners of the building to see what is going on under the roof and behind the exterior wall finishes,” Culp wrote in an e-mail that Jorgensen provided to the board members.
Jorgensen gave the board further information. He said there are drainage issues with a corner in that part of the building.
“The bid package on the Lincoln building is probably going to be two different things,” Jorgensen said. “One is probably going to be basically replacing all the tuck point and caulking around the windows, which we won’t have any problem getting that ready to go. But the other thing is maybe more of a structural question with the draining of the ’92 addition.”
Jorgensen said he wonders why Stewart Elementary isn’t having the same issue because the same company built it at the same time Lincoln was done.
“Why is one deteriorating like it is and one is not?” Jorgensen said. “It may be a situation where we have to take one of those corners and remove the brick and see why the water is draining inside of the wall instead of in the drain.”
Jorgensen also spoke to the board about the high school boiler bid. There have been some delays getting the bid package ready. He wanted the bid package done for May 8 school board meeting but it didn’t happen.
“Now we’re hoping to have the bid package ready and out by the end of May,” he said, “and we’ll be looking at a bid opening date of sometime in the third week of June.”
This means the replacement of the boiler won’t be done until after school begins, Jorgensen said.
“It really shouldn’t be anything that disrupts school or the heating season,” he said.
A special meeting will probably be held near the third week of June to review and approve the boiler bids.

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