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Drivers warned to be careful of students

By David Hotle | Aug 23, 2017
With the first day of school today, Police Chief Greg Goodman said the police department’s  focus is on children’s safety and being able to make it to their location safely. He asked that drivers use caution.


With schools in Washington back in session Wednesday and students hurrying to and from classes around the schools, Washington Police Chief Greg Goodman encourages motorists around town to be safe when driving in the area of schools.

During a previous interview, Goodman said it’s important people get used to dropping off and picking up children at the elementary and middle schools. He also said that the area around the high school would also have plenty of traffic with both buses and cars. The area leading to the Kirkwood Regional Center will also be heavily traveled.

“It is time for everybody to pay attention while they are driving and to be very careful,” Goodman said. “There are going to be buses — buses drop off — remember to watch the bus lights and stop arms. They do take down violations and either the sheriff’s office or us are mandated to follow up on that and write a citation and that can result in loss of license. It is really important to pay attention to the lights on the buses.”

Goodman said the focus is on children’s safety and being able to make it to their location safely. He asked drivers use caution.

“It is that time of year again,” he said.

He also said children have responsibility when crossing the street or when riding bicycles. He encouraged students to look both directions when crossing the street and for bicyclists to obey traffic laws.

“Hopefully we have an uneventful year and we don’t have any accidents,” he said. “That would be great.”

At Stewart Elementary, there is a new policy for drop-off and pick-up on the south side of the building during the school year.

Video instructions are available on the Stewart Elementary page on the Washington School District website.


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