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Dunbar says new system caused overpayments

By David Hotle | Aug 12, 2014

Washington County Sheriff Jerry Dunbar confirmed today that since May about five of his deputies had been overpaid for overtime compensation. He also said that several of the dispatchers had also been overpaid since 2010.
Dunbar explained that on July 25 Chief Deputy Jared Schneider had found an error with how deputies were receiving overtime pay. After some investigation, it was determined that the new overtime payment method that began May 1 had caused the error. Dunbar said he had contacted the auditor’s office.
“We got to thinking that if the deputies are getting paid too much with the 6 and 3 schedule, which is the same method that communications was getting paid, if communications was getting paid too much for overtime,” Dunbar said. “We got to looking and discovered that was the case.”
Dunbar said that the amount that had been overpaid had not been determined yet. He said that in the sheriff’s office, the amount isn’t more than $2,000. He does not know how much was overpaid at the communications department, except to say that during a couple of the years there was a total of $5,000 in overtime payments and the other years overtime payments were about $2,000. Dunbar said that one deputy had been overpaid about $800.
The supervisors were notified of the error, Dunbar said. He said that he and Washington County Auditor Dan Widmer had notified supervisor Jack Seward Jr. Dunbar said that several of the people needed to work out the problem were on vacation or away from the county. He said that a meeting would be scheduled to determine how the overages would be recouped.
“We wanted to find out exactly how much the overage was before we notified dispatch,” Dunbar said. “That’s why we have waited. Hopefully next week we can sit down and discuss what we need to do.”
Dunbar stressed no one had done anything intentionally.
“It is unfortunate, but we caught it, which is good,” he said. “It is being taken care of so it isn’t happening anymore. We will work through it.”
Dunbar said that not everyone who received overpayments still works for the county.

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