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By Pastor Jim Cluney, First Assembly of God Church | Mar 22, 2013

The other day I was reflecting back on things God has taught me in life and the many opportunities that come our way if we can only see them. He gave me an acronym of E.O.I. with the following meaning. “E” stands for “Earn.”

Everything we have in life we have to earn. The only exception to that is our salvation made possible through the shed blood of Jesus Christ on Calvary. We work hard to “Earn” our living, “Earn” the respect of others, “Earn” our accomplishments in life. Everything is achieved by “Earning” it. You might say, “But Pastor Cluney, someone just ‘gave’ me a gift of, whatever … It didn’t cost me anything.” Well, that may seem true, but you also earned their love and devotion or they wouldn’t have given it to you.

As we look at what we have “Earned” it brings us to “O,” which stands for “Ownership.” Since we worked so hard to “Own” something you better believe we need to take “Ownership” of it. You hear a lot of talk about “standing tall” and “taking ownership” of your actions. This is so true in today’s society. If you don’t take “Ownership,” who will? I remember the first car I ever owned, a 1955 Ford Crown Victoria. I worked hard to buy that car. I would be out there washing and waxing it, making the chrome shine! I took “Ownership” of that car I worked so hard to “Earn.” It bothers me to see parents throwing everything at the feet of their children just because they wanted it. Many times the kids just throw it around or break it and think nothing about it because it didn’t cost them anything and it doesn’t seem like it is truly theirs. We need to defend and take care of all those things we have “Earned” and take “Ownership” of them.

The third part of this acronym is “I,” which stands for “Invest.” Those things we have “Earned” and taken “Ownership” of need to be “Invested” into the lives of others. We do that by showing interest in others and we must take our learning experiences and “Invest” them in others. Only by doing that can we find ourselves truly blest. Sometimes we think we are living our life in vain only to find out later we did indeed make a difference in the life of someone else. Jesus has “Invested” His life into ours; now we need to do the same for others.

Remember this little acronym E.O.I., “Earn,” “Own,” and “Invest”; it will make a difference in your life.

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