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Easter has come and ... gone?

By Pastor Harald Gruber, Faith Baptist Church | May 09, 2014

When you get to be my age, time seems to fly. When I was a child, my father used to read us a fairy tale book written by a well known German author. One of those stories told about the life of the main character of the story. Between each part of the life of that character, there was a transition. That transition said, “One, two, three, with a high-paced stride, time races on, we rush along."

Unfortunately, all of us do not have perfect lives. Many of us would like a major lottery win. However, I would guess that one of our local winners would not say, “Since then, life has been perfect.” Just a week or two ago someone I knew died from one day to the next because of an unexpected, unknown health issue. A friend was on his way to a meeting the other day and his transmission went out. It had been replaced just a few weeks ago. From the hard, cold winter there are bushes and perhaps trees that are not going to make it, even with the nice warm summer weather and the rain. A sudden change in last year’s finances makes a tax return not that but a totally unexpected tax payment. I could go on, couldn’t I? We all have the challenges that hit our lives.

We are all caught up in the rushing current of the river of life. It would be easy just to say, “That’s the way life is; so what?” Not having any value as humans or purpose in life, that would be it. There would be no reason to even care about the good or bad things that come our way.

But here we are, already two weeks from Easter. It has come and gone. Life has continued, minutes, hours, days and weeks of daily routines or unexpected disruptions in our lives. As time rushes on, the question is, “What was that about, anyway?” The Bunny is gone, the candy is eaten, the eggs have been tossed and, “Look, I found one the other day that was not discovered in the Easter egg hunt.” Was it really worth it?

That takes me back to what might seem like a broken record (for people that know what that is anymore) in what I talk about in our community. The spiritual slice of life. We all have “sections” of life that are rolled along as we chase through time. That spiritual slice is like the keystone, or the headstone of a gateway. It keeps all the rest together. The other stones don’t fall down as long as the head or keystone is in place.

That is the reason to not let Easter just disappear in the dust, or fog behind us as we rush down the road of our lives. Easter helps us to remember that compared to Jesus we have never experienced the really tough things of life. You see, Jesus is said to be the cornerstone. Synonyms of that would be the keystone or headstone. Jesus has gone through all the challenges of our lives and made it through to be alive so that we have someone to walk with us.

Can we slow down to allow that to happen. To walk so that we can find out where and how Jesus can be something in our lives that can make our lives worthwhile? Two weeks ago I said I would call someone so we could get together. My schedule has been so nuts that I have not had a chance to do that. Can I, can you slow down enough? We are not being tossed along by the rushing current of the river of life. Everything in our world will terminate. Relationships won’t. The best, most worthwhile relationship is with God through Jesus. Are we willing to slow down enough to check it out?

Do check it out at Faith Baptist and see the difference Jesus can make in your life.

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Posted by: Glen Peiffer | May 16, 2014 04:56

One of the more believable testimonials. I am not promoting Pat Robertson but I thought the cowboy's testimonial was worth hearing.


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