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By Xiomara Levsen | Oct 18, 2013
Enrollment numbers for the Washington School District rose over the last year from 1,767 to 1,784. This includes 74 students who open enrolled in from other districts. Washington is one of two districts in Washington County that showed an increase in enrollment this year. Mid-Prairie is the other district that showed an increase.

The enrollment numbers for school districts in Washington County are in. Two districts have increases in enrollment and two districts showed a decrease.
According to Washington Community School District (WCSD) Superintendent Dr. Mike Jorgensen’s column, which was in The Journal Oct. 17, the total enrollment for the district is 1,784.28 students for the 2013-14 school year. This is up from 1,767.51 students last year.
The open enrollment in to the district is 74 students, which is up 1.5 students from last year, Jorgensen said. The open enrollment out of the district is 132.4, which is down 1.2 students.
This isn’t the highest enrollment the district has had. Jorgensen said about 10 years ago the district had 1,800 students. He said the district is carefully watching the classroom sizes to ensure the students have success with their education.
“We added another section to kindergarten this year,” Jorgensen said. “Last year we had 116 kindergarten students and this year we have 130.”
Another section was added for the preschool class this year because of the class size, Jorgensen said.
The Mid-Prairie Community School District enrollment increased 25 students, said Superintendent Mark Schneider.
The total number of students  this year is 1,249. Last year, the district had 1,224.
“Obviously, we’re very pleased with those numbers,” Schneider said. “It shows that Mid-Prairie is a growing district. It also indicates all of the hard work the staff is doing and that people like the product they’re receiving.”
The total open enrollments out of the district are down to 41 students this year, Schneider said.
Schneider didn’t have the specific number for open enrollments into the district this year. However, he compared it to the total number of open enrolled students out of the district and said it was a 4-to-1 ratio, with open enrollments into the district increasing.
The enrollment for the Highland Community School District is down a little bit this year. According to Sue Rich, Highland Community School District’s board secretary and business manager, Highland has 649.5 students. Last year the district had 659.6.
The number of students open enrolled out of the district is 81, Rich said. The number of students into the district has increased to 105.
The enrollment numbers for the Keota Community School District is down slightly this year, said Keota Community School District Business Manager Cherie Westendorf.
The preschool through 12th grade have 342 students, which is down nine students, she said.
“But if you look at our numbers for K – 12th grade they held steady at 304,” Westendorf said.
Sixty-four students opted to open enroll out of the school district. Westendorf said. Sixteen students open enrolled into the Keota Community School District.

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