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Entering the doldrums

By Aaron Viner | Jul 23, 2014

As the area baseball season has drawn to a close and softball wraps up in the next few days in Fort Dodge, it’s time to enter the doldrums of sports.
Over the next few weeks, there won’t be much happening here in the area as far as high school sports goes, leading to a bit of a down time before getting things kick-started again at the end of August when volleyball, cross-country and football return this fall.
While the break is certainly nice (I think I’ve put on at least 2,000 miles on my car since taking over the job at the end of May) as a sportswriter this leaves me at a bit of a disadvantage.
With no sports going on, that means nothing to fill the space of the sports section everyone reads so dearly.
I’ve met a number of people so far in my first summer in Washington while out covering games, and while I swear I’m trying my best to remember everyone’s name, I have always enjoyed the conversations I am able to participate in.
While I’ve met a lot of people, I’ve got a long way to go until I have my finger on the pulse of what all is happening in sports in the area. Inevitably something will fall through the cracks.  
In the next few weeks I’ll have to dust off my opinion-writing side and whip up a few columns on the MLB trade deadline, as well as giving a little of my perspective on the second and third best seasons in all of sports (college football and NFL football respectively.  College basketball will always be at the top).
I have a couple of feature stories that I’ve been saving in my story bank to run, but what I really need is help from the community.
Do you have any sports stories you want told? Do you know of someone who would want their story told? Or is there simply something you want to know about?
If you let me know, I’ll do my best to look into that story and see how viable it would be to turn into a piece for The Journal.
Maybe you participated in a summer softball league and want people to know how great your team did, or maybe someone just got hired as a coach that you feel needs to be addressed.
Tell me about it.
Perhaps you are really, really curious about staying up to date with the University of Iowa or Iowa State football summer camps or want me to give you all the NFL training camp information you can handle all in one place.
Shoot me an e-mail (sports@washjrnl.com) or call the office and ask to talk to me (319-653-2191). I’d be happy to hear your ideas; and who knows, if there is enough support behind some of the ideas  the powers that be could turn it into a regular thing.
So please, let me know what you want to hear about. I want the sports section to be something you look forward to reading every day, and has the content you care about.
Whether it’s a feature, odd story, or even if you want me to write 1,000 words on who you should draft for your fantasy football team, I’ll take a crack at just about anything.

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