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Neighbors Growing Together | Jun 20, 2018

Event hosts its first wedding ceremony

By David Hotle | Jun 26, 2017
A large crowd that attended the wedding of Angela Freese and Darryl Nicholson release balloons following a lap around the Washington Square in honor of the newly married couple. Relay For Life had many events throughout the day, including the wedding, the first of its kind at the event. Lighted luminaries followed.



He was her Superman. She was his Lois Lane.

In the 17 years Relay for Life has been held in downtown Washington, the first wedding was held during the event Saturday afternoon. As a crowd of onlookers — many dressed as their favorite superheroes — watched, Angela Freese exchanged vows with her fiance’, Darryl Nicholson. While Angela wore a red gown for the event, Darryl was dressed in blue with a large red “S” on his chest - the traditional outfit worn by Superman. The theme for the wedding was superheroes and plenty of Wonder Womans, Batmans and a large group with simple T-shirts displaying their main characters sat in chairs in front of the Central Park bandstand to watch the nuptuals.

“Love is what we are doing right,” Steve Cannon, who conducted the ceremony, said to the couple and to the audience. “That is why both of you are standing here. That is why you are all here to watch them stand here. We have all loved in our lives and at this moment we are reminded that the ability to love is the very best part of our humanity.”

This year Relay for Life in Washington County raised $63,617 as of the end of the event.

Cannon described the “whirlwind romance” the couple had. He said that after they had begun dating, within a few weeks it was obvious they had something special. He also said both were afraid of committing too quickly. They took it slow and learned more about each other.

Angela Freese has endometrial cancer, a cancer of the lining of her uterus. She was first diagnosed in 2008.

“I had kind of been thinking for a while,” Angela said in a previous interview. “I really struggle with having a non-curable cancer and committing my life to someone and what we’re facing, so I wasn’t in a huge hurry to get married just because I wasn’t sure about committing my life to someone when I have non-curable cancer and what they would be facing. I didn’t think it would be fair to him.”

Having been a longtime supporter of Relay for Life, the annual countrywide fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, she had suggested having the wedding during the event this year. Given that Relay was the first major event they had done together, Darryl was quick to agree.

As the event ended, the two quickly agreed to enter the marriage.

The ceremony was followed by a lap around the Washington square, in which the newly married couple led over 100 people with the theme from the 1978 Superman movie playing as the group made their way around the square.

Angela said she wanted to show people that just because you’re diagnosed with cancer, it doesn’t mean your life is over.


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