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Everyone gives what they can

April 24, 2015
Washington, Iowa

To the Editor:
Kudos to Jan Gallagher and Robert Youngquist for their relentless determination and belief an auditorium at WHS could come to fruition. Gifts at all levels, from the widow’s mite to the philanthropists, proves when everyone gives what they can, much good can be accomplished. The Arts improve cognitive ability, and round out one’s personality and appreciation for the beautiful, a gift that keeps on giving.
Being at a “remember when” age, recalled are those dedicated teachers in 1936 who took a greenhorn freshman under their wings, provided an environment in which to matriculate and nourished her love for the Arts.
For a moment, imagine a star-studded cast of former students, who have gone from the hallowed halls of WHS to discover their niche in the world through the Arts, being showcased on opening night providing us a moment of pride, as did Heather Youngquist, recently. Of course, I am dreaming, but did you know dreams told before breakfast really do come true?

Ione S. Burham