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Fairfield police investigate water line business

Feb 10, 2014

FAIRFIELD — The Fairfield Police Department is investigating a business offering water line insurance.
Police have secured information indicating the business is not a scam.
According to a press release today from the Fairfield Police Department, “It is a business from out of state and an attorney for the company stated it is registered with the Better Business Bureau. The attorney also stated they are not allowed to call it insurance in Iowa but the business stays within the guidelines of the BBB. Officers are not able to confirm registration with the BBB at this time.”
Police had initially warned residents the business was a scam.
The investigation began when Fairfield residents reported receiving letters from Homeserve USA Repair Management Corp, which claimed to be an authorized representative of AMT Warranty Corp. The letter sought credit card account numbers and authorization to charge the account for up to $59.88 for one year of water service line coverage.
The Fairfield Police Department cannot recommend or discourage persons from utilizing the business. The only legal task for the police department to complete was to determine if there was a scam, or illegal activity, and nothing illegal had been discovered. As with any internet transaction, the police caution all citizens to be careful with all personal information.

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