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Family enjoys strong family ties

Aug 09, 2013
Courtesy of: North Scott Press From left are Helen Larsen, Lila Shotwell, Charles, Birchard, Virginia Dunville and Harvey.

Editor's note: The original story about the Holden brothers and sisters appeared in the North Scott Press in June. Some of the information and the photo are courtesy of the North Scott Press. The story was written by assistant editor Tracy Dunn.

Six brothers and sisters, ranging in age from 87 to 98, believe it is important to maintain their strong family ties. It is important for them to hold an annual family reunion and celebrate milestone birthdays.

Harvey Holden of Washington is one of the brothers and at age 96, he's the second to the oldest of the six. The Holden family got together on Sunday, June 9, in Davenport, to celebrate Charles' 98th birthday. A total of 75 family members attended the gathering.

Harvey's oldest brother, Edgar, died in 2001 at age 87. He has another brother, Birchard, who is 90. They have three sisters, Helen Larsen, 94, Lila Shotwell, 87, and Virginia Dunville, 88.

Their parents, Glenn and Laura Holden, lived long lives. Glenn lived to be 89 and Laura reached the age of 100. They were married for 64 years. Their children have enjoyed long marriages as well, ranging from 49 years to 64 years.

Another notable fact about the siblings is that all of the brothers served in the military during World War II, as did all the brothers-in-law. Harvey, who was married and with two children, volunteered for service in the Navy.

It is notable that the brothers and sisters have gotten along with one another all of their lives.

"We never had the unfortunate thing of having a family row," Harvey said. "We all look forward to getting together — now less often because it's harder to do. The family is scattered from Virginia to Nebraska."

Linda Wenger assisted with this story.

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