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Garbage agreement to be reviewed

By David Hotle | Apr 04, 2013
The Washington City Council learned Wednesday evening that a new recycling bin to serve the downtown area has been delivered and is behind the library. A sheet of rules is being printed and will be distributed to the 170 people who live in the area.

The Washington City Council Wednesday agreed to seek a one-year extension to its three-year garbage pick-up contact in order to review a 28E agreement made in the 1970s between the city and county.
During discussion of the city’s garbage contract, which ends June 30, Mayor Sandra Johnson said that she wanted to review the agreement between the city and Washington County to provide recycling services. Picking up recyclables is part of the city’s agreement with Luke Waste Management, which collects trash.
“I want it coordinated so we are bidding each at the same time so we can possibly each catch a better contract rather than have end dates of various contracts not coordinated,” Johnson said.
Johnson said the county and the city have a cooperative organization in which each helps fund the operation of a recycling center on Lexington Boulevard. The county owns the site and county residents also bring solid wastes to the facility. The recycling efforts are joint.
The 28E agreement came out over 30 years ago, Johnson said. She also said the agreement specified a solid waste management provider and bids hadn’t been taken for the service since the agreement was signed.
“It has just continued in operation for all these years,” she said. “It is probably time it be reviewed.”
City administrator Brent Hinson stressed that because the issue is being examined, it does not mean it will automatically change. County Supervisor Stan Stoops attended the meeting to hear the presentation.
During discussion, Council member Bob Shepherd said that the agreement needs to be well scrutinized. He said that he believed the agreement needs to be done right and not be something “just thrown together.”
Hinson said that no date or time has been set for the city and county to meet to discuss the issue.

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