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Garden growing

By Xiomara Levsen | Apr 24, 2014

The student-led garden at Lincoln Elementary School will have some changes this year.
“Last year we had a lot of plants,” said Lincoln Elementary School Principal Dave Hoffman. “This year we’re going to try to simplify it. We’re going to have less plants and maybe a little bit more space.”
When there were students working in the garden last year the space was so small that they were stepping on the plants, Hoffman said. This year’s garden will be close to 40 feet by 40 feet.
“By expanding the garden it’s not going to necessarily be more plants but there’s going to be more walkways and more room to work so kids can walk down the garden and have a little more room,” he said.
The kinds of plants in the garden will also change.
“We’re looking at plants that we can put on our salad bar and serve from our kitchen,” Hoffman said. “So the tomatoes, the cucumbers, the broccoli, carrots—things like that we can actually serve off of our salad bar at lunch. We want kids to see, here we planted this and then eventually we’re eating it.”
The duties for the student-led garden will remain the same. Third-graders will do the planting, fourth-graders will do the weeding and watering, and the fifth-graders will harvest the garden, Hoffman said. During the summer break children in the camp at the Washington Community Y will take over the weeding and gardening.
The planting for the garden this year hasn’t begun yet because the ground is still too cold.
“All of that depends on the weather,” Hoffman said.

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