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Gas smell reported at jail

By David Hotle | Apr 14, 2014

Washington County Sheriff Jerry Dunbar reported today that he believes prisoners in the Washington County Jail were not in any danger Friday afternoon when a gas smell was reported in the kitchen of the Washington County Jail.
He said that a gas smell had been reported Friday shortly after noon. He said that Alliant Energy had been called out. He said Alliant spent three hours trying to locate the source of the smell. He said that two regulators had been coming off boilers and gas was going outside. He said that he believes the hood over the stove had brought the smell into the jail. One of the kitchen staff reported getting a headache from the smell.
Dunbar said that while the kitchen was being examined, the jail staff brought in food from a local restaurant for the prisoners. He said that there had been no complaints from prisoners regarding either a gas smell or the restaurant food.
Again Saturday morning, a gas smell was reported. Dunbar said that Alliant had come out again and investigated. He said a small leak was found and being repaired today.
Dunbar said that the jail isn’t normally evacuated for a gas smell, because the air in the jail is recirculate and normally gas released from the kitchen wouldn’t get into the inmate area. He said if there had been a danger of gas getting into where the prisoners were, they would have been transferred to Jefferson County or Johnson County temporarily. He said the kitchen is on the opposite end of the building from where the prisoners are held.
He also said that he did not believe there had been any danger of an explosion.

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