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Guns stop crime

By Tom Thomas | Jan 08, 2013

January 4, 2013

West Chester, Iowa


To the Editor:

The shooting in Connecticut is horrible beyond description. How can an intelligent person do this? He was taking college courses when he was 16. A low IQ person cannot do that.

We must look to the future. President Obama says this must stop — we agree. The question is, how do you stop an intelligent but off-kilter person? It appears this man left no hints about his plans. Some do. We can handle them. We cannot handle a purely random, secretive act. Dr. Phil — 35 years’ experience — says we do not have the technology to identify these people ahead of time.

There will be calls for all sorts of gun control laws. Sooner or later they will call for confiscation of all guns. This is their No. 1 goal now, though not yet openly stated.

Fortunately for us, this has already been done elsewhere, so we do not have to experiment here. England has done all this, including confiscating all guns. Result? They are experiencing a huge increase in violent crime. Of course the criminals did not turn in all their guns. The people did. They are now defenseless. Also, anyone can get a gun anytime on the black market. Just takes money.

The gun control proponents would have us be as defenseless as the teachers and students were. Nothing intelligent about that.

Iowa is a “right to carry” concealed weapons state. With proper preparation and investigation, we can acquire a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Criminals, violent persons, etc., cannot pass the tests, and each applicant is investigated thoroughly. In every state that started issuing permits, crime with guns and violent crime has DECREASED. Criminals, stupid as they may be, understand being shot back at is not good, so crime goes down — ALWAYS.

There is no other way to say it. The present administration is for more gun control. They refuse to acknowledge it doesn’t work. There is one thing they haven’t considered. If you took all guns away from the populace, the number of killings would actually increase. They would be random, one or two at a time, and not at the same time or place, and they wouldn’t be little children. Therefore, the killings would not get the fanfare they did in Connecticut.

Total number of deaths would be higher, just not as newsworthy. There would be more people getting a call their friend or relative had been killed. It would be one call at a time instead of 26 all at once.

The media — both print and television — know, but refuse to acknowledge, as soon as the man in Connecticut was confronted with a gun, he stopped killing others and killed himself. A person with a legal gun could have stopped him early and saved many lives. It may be hard for the news people to fathom, but the only way to stop a shooter is with another gun. You do not walk up to someone shooting people, smile, and ask him to stop.

It is not how many guns there are in the populace, it is how many guns are in the wrong hands in the populace. No amount of laws can take guns away from the wrong people. We already have over 20,000 laws. We will believe in people not having guns when the president’s secret service people do not carry guns.

We will be led to believe guns cause all the killings. The 9-11 terrorists used no guns. Tim McVeigh did not use a gun.

It becomes quite simple. Design a law that takes guns away from the criminals, druggies, crazies, and the mentally imbalanced. If you can figure how to do that, please call your congressman. The NRA and every law-abiding gun owner in the country will back it 100 percent.


Tom Thomas

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