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Halcyon House

Jan 23, 2014

Patti Treimer of Hartley ventured this way in the cold to visit her son in Cedar Falls who is enrolled at UNI, and on to Washington where she and her mother Phyllis Lyle caught up on the latest. Patti spent the night and they dined in the Timmins Dining Room. Patti stopped en route home to see her daughter at Iowa State in Ames.

Dwight and Mary Graber enjoyed recent visits from granddaughter Emily and great-granddaughter Selah of Prairie City, son Greg and Carol Graber of Crawfordsville, and granddaughter Gina, along with great-grandchildren, baby Emery, Kale and Drew of Des Moines.

Abby of St. Louis traveled to Washington to spend the day with grandpa Phil Kneen. The weather made her decision to stay the night and in turn ended up having more quality time with grandpa.

Jo Swartzendruber and her son, Jeff Swartzendruber of Cedar Rapids, ran some errands on Thursday and had lunch at the Applewood Bistro.

The Game Room was hopping last week as a large group of ladies gathered learned to play Canasta. The general consensus was that neighbors, Carolyn Levy and Sharon Merz were the originators but neither was willing to take the credit. The following day, a couple of tables were busy in the Sitler Lounge as Barb Steele, Carolyn Levy, Darlene Flynn Loretta Gardner, Sybil Thornton, Ione Burham, Phyllis Lyle and Sharon Merz gathered to play Canasta once again. There was lots of grinning and laughter.

The “Thrive” program will be offered again to the residents and staff members. Participants are requested to keep track of their exercise minutes each month with a chance to win the monthly prize.

The Avalon House residents have watched all the Christmas decorations being packed away and on to the next event that boasts the different décor with a new holiday at hand. The Avalon House halls and the year-round tree are laden with proof that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Many enjoyed the “Painted Desert” movie starring Clark Gable that was set to a backdrop of spectacular Arizona desert landscapes. The film “It Started in Naples” was another comedy favorite with Gable and Sophia Loren with fun and romance amid the beautiful city of Naples and the Isle of Capri.

The Front Porch Travels took the audience from winter to spring as they viewed the “Birds of the Backyard” as they had a close-up view of the beauty and uniqueness in the animal kingdom. The next adventure found the travelers in footage filmed inside the magnificent Dome of the Rock to the vast underground expanse of Solomon’s stables to the traditional sites of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection that was titled “The Secrets of Jerusalem’s Holiest Sites.”

A talented group of ladies from the Marion Avenue Baptist Church visited on Wednesday and sang some heart-filled gospel songs. The residents enjoyed the visit and hope to see them soon.

There was a large audience that showed up for Ethel’s Monday afternoon program that was titled “Muzyad Yahkoob Day.” The curious soon found out that those words stand for comedian and television actor, Danny Thomas. Danny was one of 10 children born to Lebanese immigrant parents. He took his stage name from his eldest and youngest brothers, Danny and Thomas. In the midst of a depression, the strugging actor put his last $7 on the altar and offered this prayer before a statue of St. Jude Thaddeus, “Help me find my place in life and I will build you a shrine where the poor and hopeless may come for comfort and aid.” In the years to come, Danny’s career flourished. Remembering his promise and, along with a group of Memphis businessmen, his dream became a reality. St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital opened in the early 1950s and is still going strong today, existing on contributions. A quote from Danny Thomas is “success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself, it’s what you do for others.”

There was a nice crowd for the Wednesday sing-along with lots of old-time songs that were remembered by all. There was a special surprise that followed the singing group, that featured Tweeter, an Amazon parrott. Brandi Oswood and her pet will be on the activity agenda every Monday morning. The Oswoods have recently relocated back to the area from California where her husband was stationed in the military.

The Reformed Presbyterian Church provided church services in the Epworth Chapel. The Scripture was taken from Jeremiah 2:12-13. Speaker Dan’s message was the “Two Evils of Idolatry.”


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