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Feb 10, 2014

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! The craft class conducted by Mercy was well received by Loretta Gardner, Barb Steele, Connie Sorrell, Phyllis Lyle, Sharon Merz, Alice George Mary Ellen Saforek, Ethel Hendrickson and Kathy Otterberg. Each of the ladies was given a little red ball of polymer clay from which they worked, rolled and created a heart that was made into a pin or necklace. The creative juices were flowing as each one was unique using cut outs, free hand, powder paint and other embellishments to enhance their heart.

The Ivory and Gold performance presented by the Washington Concert Association was a true night of entertainment of ragtime, Broadway hits, jazz, blues and more. Glenys Clark provided safe transportation for Marcella Reed, Virginia Tschantz, Audrey Stark, Alice Edgin and Lois Greiner.

Cranium Crunch was attended by 16 residents who enjoyed playing Hangman with the theme being “Super Bowl.” There was also a trivia quiz on American History and a crossword puzzle with the theme of “Friendship.” A healthy snack was served along with prizes awarded to winners of the games. The class was led by the Wellness intern, Molly McGinnis.

We are reminded of the Winter Olympics that will begin this Friday, Feb. 7 to the 23rd in Sochi, Russia. An Olympic word search was handed out along with homemade cake doughnuts that were made to resemble the 5 Olympic Rings that represent the five continents that compete. This will be the first trip for team U.S.A. to the Soviet side. The ring colors blue, yellow, black green and red represent every nation as they all have at least one of the colors in their flag. A total of 1300 medals have been made for the Sochi Olympics with the final roster of 230 Olympians athletes representing the United States.

Monday’s program titled “Bubble Wrap Day” as everyone attending received a piece of bubble wrap to pop which brought a lot of laughter from the poppers. Bubble wrap was actually created some 50 years ago by an American engineer and a Swiss inventor in a New Jersey garage. The two were trying to create textured plastic wallpaper with a paper backing. When the two realized that their results were a failure but that they had stumbled onto the future packing material. The company founded by these two gentlemen is called the Sealed Air Corporation and has annual revenue in excess of three billion.

The “Tea for Two” program was a big hit with the tables set with lace tablecloths and floral arrangements, along with china cups and teapots that were provided by Ethel Sieren’s mother, Lois Miller. The group enjoyed a warm cup of tea, good conversation with background piano music on a cold January day. A parting gift of party mints in a tulle bag with colorful ribbons was given to everyone that attended the proper English tea party.

The United Presbyterian Church was in charge of Sunday’s church service in the Epworth Chapel. Rev Jim Stiles scripture was from the 23rd Psalm and the sermon was “He Restores My Soul.” Audrey Stark served as the pianist for the service.

Lela’s program featured magazines that have been published in the America. The National Geographic magazine was published in 1888 and is read by 8.3 million people in 36 languages all around the world. The Time magazine was created when Henry Luce, a graduate of Yale in 1923, borrowed 86,000.00 from relatives to kick off his venture. Pat Sieren from the audience commented that she had been a life subscriber of Time magazine. Mr. Luce also started the Life magazine that ran for 37 years and started Sports Illustrated in 1954. Others mentioned were Better Homes and Garden that began in 1922, the Ladies Home Journal in 1883, Good Housekeeping in 1885 and Family Circle in 1932. There are some 7,500 magazines published in America and Ben Franklin came up with the idea of publishing America’s first magazine called “American Magazine” that lasted for six issues.

January and February have been extremely cold and everyone is content to stay indoors and watch movies for entertainment. “The Absent Minded Professor” starring Fred MacMurry and Nancy Olson is a hilarious comedy that has the professor discovering flubber, to fly a Model T jalopy over Washington, D.C. to save the college from financial ruin. The Little Rascals starred in “Mischief Loves Company” that proved to be a hit of mischief, mayhem trick and ingenuity. The Glenn Miller Story portrays his terrific big band hits in his stunning musical biography.

There have been many Passion Pledge workshops held this past week with staff and residents signing on to pledge their individual passion and purpose for 2014. Motivational videos were viewed along with games played to challenge each participant to identify their true passion and how they will achieve it.

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