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Jun 19, 2014

Victoria Griffith had the best time with a recent visit from her granddaughter, Shannon Gann, and great-granddaughters, Evie and Victoria. The family traveled from Sanger, Texas, and is also visiting grandparents in the Waterloo area. Five-year-old Victoria is great-grandma Victoria’s namesake, and didn’t know a stranger. The girls had a great time making new friends.

Martha Chabal enjoyed the day with a visit from her special friend, Bea DeLong of Sherrard, Ill. They visited uptown Adellya’s store and had their first lunch experience at JP’s 207.

Pam and Gary Edwards visited her mother, Edie Trotter, on Wednesday before leaving for a special getaway. The couple is getting ready to celebrate their 50th anniversary and are anxiously awaiting the birth of their first grandchild due in August. Edie expressed what a joy her family is to her.

Many of us waited in anticipation of the annual Ridiculous Day Parade because we knew there would be lots of entries with the celebration of “Our Town’s 175th Anniversary” and that our very own special neighbor, friend, and resident, Betty Porter, would be a special addition to the event. Betty was the 1939 Centennial Queen and again took her place wearing a gown, sash, and tiara, and waved to the crowd as Walt Pacha escorted her through the parade route in his flashy 1967 Buick Skylark convertible. Dean Slater was a passenger as well as Betty’s young attendants, Jude and Jocelyn Carter, and Christian Colby. Cloth pictures of Betty from 1939 were displayed as well as being led by Sadie Carter and Alexia Moore twirling their batons in red sequined costumes.

Betty Osincup had an especially eventful day on June 8. Betty’s daughter, Nancy Roselund became a first-time grandmother when baby boy Archer Roselund was born to Joe and Christine Roselund at Santa Clarita, Calif. This marks the 20th great-grandchild for Betty. That afternoon Betty accompanied daughter Elyse and grandson Ben to Decorah, where Ben registered for the 50th anniversary Dorian Summer Music Camp at Luther College. They made a special stop in Waverly, where Betty donated some Osincup memorabilia to the Bremer County Historical Museum. The three-story building was built in 1862 as a hotel and stage coach stop known as the Waverly House. In 1905, Dr. Frank A. Osincup bought and remodeled the building into a “pill factory.” The CaPhenin Chemical Company was run by his sons, Lynn and Willard Osincup, the late Herb Osincup’s father and uncle. In those days there were some patent medicines manufactured but many doctors invented their own medical combinations. They also manufactured lotions, ointments, syrups, powders, and whatever else the doctors concocted back then. Herb Osincup worked summers at CaPhenin prior to his graduating as a registered pharmacist from the State University of Iowa in 1941.

Alice Edgin’s recent guest was Marilyn Beeler from Orlando, Fla. They were teachers together, and have remained friends through the years. Alice introduced Marilyn to the sites in Washington and the Kalona area along with a visit to the Amana Colonies.

Bob and Peg Gerot were delighted with their visitors on Monday morning. Their granddaughter, Stacy Walker, introduced them to their brand-new great-granddaughter, Cora Rose Walker from Cedar Rapids. There were four generations present which included baby Cora, mother Stacy, Grandma Sharon Dautremont and the greatest of all, Peg. Nancy Gerot Greene also joined in the family fun and they were all in agreement that baby Cora is adorable.

Mary Meeks had a fun two-day visit with Richard and Malinda Meeks from Mountain Home, Ark. Friday’s adventure took them to Kalona where they toured the J K Creative Wood Store. They stopped at the Willis Miller home in Kalona, where Malinda’s brother, Joe and Esther Bornterger from El Paso, Texas, were also visiting. The following day, they returned to Kalona for the parade, enjoyed lunch and then had a treat at Yotty’s ice cream store. They visited Earthly Blessings and Goodwill, dropped Mary at her Halcyon home and returned to Marr Park where they had parked their camper.

Mary Meeks enjoyed a Wayne Brock family picnic at Marr Park on Sunday. Wayne’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were there to celebrate Father’s Day.

Wednesday was a special day as our spark, Bob Vittetoe, arrived swimming through a downpour to join the Pepper card game to a full table in the Sitler Lounge. Bob keeps the group abreast of what is happening on the farm, weather, crops, etc. He made Walt Pacha’s day by somehow getting his silenced cell phone to ring. Bob had no idea what he did, but the crazy thing works now and Walt was so elated that he ran his card buddies into the ground with his “Hot Pepper” playing. The frosting on Walt’s day was when a friend, whom he hadn’t seen in a coon’s age, stopped by to see how a day goes at Halcyon.

Topic of the Day with Lela Garton led the group through a tour of her family photo and shared stories like only Lela can do. She and husband Keiffer recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, and about how a friend had surprised her with groceries to make a meal for their special day and how she had mistakenly discarded the Washington Evening Journal with their photo of their wedding and 60th anniversary. She was assigned to be a storyteller at her church's vacation Bible school with setting of a cave. Her vivid imagination flourished as she held the attention of every child while taking them through the dark cave.

Steve Morris from Prophetstown, Ill., played and sang to an eager audience on Tuesday morning. Sometimes, he is referred to as “That Drummer Guy.” His talents are many as he delivered music selections from Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller, Nat King Cole, Johnny Cash and more. His travels have taken him to Chicago, and destinations in Wisconsin and Iowa. His talents are many and we look forward to his future return.

Last week, Don Cunningham from Prairie Flower Church provided church services to the Halcyon congregation in the Epworth Chapel on Sunday afternoon. The Scripture was taken from Psalm 19:14 and the message was “The Power of Our Words.”

Church services this Sunday were led by Pastor Maureen Howard of Immanuel Lutheran Church. The sermon was “In Doubt Being Sent” and the Scripture was from Matthew 28: 16-20.

“Father’s Day” was the topic of Ethel’s program that was proposed by Mrs. John Dodd as she wanted to her honor her father, William Smart who was a Civil War Veteran.

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