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Aug 28, 2014

Jean Rietz was happy to have her grandson, Adam Mangold, drive her to Belmond, where she and her late husband, Paul, were from. Her daughter and husband, Terry and Julie Mangold, also accompanied them on the trip. They placed flowers at Paul Rietz’s place of rest at the Belmond Cemetery. Jean enjoyed going to her United Methodist Church and sitting in the pew that she occupied on Sundays. They especially went to attend the family reunion in Rowan. It was such a pretty drive around the beautiful Lake Cornelia between Belmond and Clarion. Adam visited the Belmond Country Club, where he held learned to play golf with his grandfather. It was a weekend of sweet memories.

Phyllis Lyle had an eventful trip to Remington, Va., where she attended the wedding and reception of her granddaughter, Stacy Crites, and David Pablo. The setting was at “The Inn” at Kelley Ford (a large horse ranch) on Sunday evening. There were 12 other relatives who traveled from the Midwest and stayed at The Comfort Inn and at Ed and Nancy’s home. Several journeyed to D.C. on Saturday evening and took the five-mile walk to visit the historical sights. It was a wonderful family get-together especially with Richard and Stephanie, Noah, Colton and Elienna, who flew in from Germany, where they are stationed at the Air Force Base for four years.

Luncheon guests on Sunday in the Bistro with Allan and Margrette Utech were David and Chris Nelson of Cambridge, Ill. David rents Margrette’s farm near her hometown of Cambridge. This was the Nelsons' first visit to Washington. Kay Bennett and Jerry Edmund joined them in the afternoon for a visit.

How can it be time for “back to school” already? Sybil Thornton enjoyed son Mike and grandson Will this past weekend. Will is a student at Drake and leaves Labor Day for Germany where he will be studying the fall semester. Friday evening the three had a fabulous dinner and conversation as Dodici’s.

Lorraine attempted to calm grandma’s concerns over Will traveling all that way by himself. Will spent Saturday with his fraternity brothers and sisters while Mike and Sybil had a great day traveling to Keokuk, Fort Madison and Nauvoo, Ill. and dining at Nauvoo’s great buffet. The group met on Sunday morning destined for Ox Yoke Inn on the Interstate and found out that it closed in January, so on to the Ox Yoke in Amana for lunch.

Pastor Dean Elmore of the Washington Church of God led the Sunday afternoon congregation in Scripture from Matthew 18: 21-35. The sermon title was “Forgiveness.” Special music was provided by Marie Elmore, along with guitar music.

Ethel’s program “Keep on the Sunny Side of Life” was attended by many. A light refreshing bowl of watermelon, cantaloupe and grapes was served to the audience. Trivia was shared and participants learned that August was named after Julius Caesar’ grand-nephew in honor of defeating Anthony and Cleopatra. The senate named a month after Augustus, but decided that Julius's month, July, had 31 days so Augustus’s month should equal it, under the Julian calendar. So August days were lengthened by one day and February was shortened by one day. Summer memories were shared among the group. The quote of the day was “A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing and the lawn mower is broke.”

“That’s a Wrap” was a delightful program that began with the offering of a roll of toilet paper from which participants had to tear off however many squares they thought they would need. They were called upon to tell one thing about themselves per square of toilet paper. Lots of interesting tales and shenanigans were shared. Outhouse trivia was shared with the crescent moon that indicated for the women and the star cutout symbol on the door was for men —not to mention that the cutouts allowed some light at duty time. Staying with the theme, pickle wraps were served to everyone’s delight.

Thursday’s special entertainment featured “Music with Butch Karn” and his special friend playing the upright bass viol. The gentlemen are from the Quad Cities and have been sharing their musical talents throughout the Midwest for the past couple years.

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