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Mar 28, 2013

Ben and Brianna and their mother, Lori Schlatter, were recent visitors of great-grandmother Vivian Wells. Briana reported that they were excited to fly out of Cedar Rapids to Texas where they will join grandparents, Ron and Louise Schmidt.

Louise Chandler was pleased to have her son, Neal and wife Donita, and grandson Craig and daughter from Sparks, Nev., spend the week in Washington. On Sunday, they gathered in the Marshall Game Room for a family dinner get-together. Those in attendance from Washington were Julie Glaspie, Derek, Brandi and Evelyn Glaspie, Devyn, Ryker and Maddux Glaspie.

Jeff Swartzendruber was an overnight guest while visiting his mother, Jo Swartzendruber.

Marcia Robertson enjoyed the company of her daughter, Barbara Ryan of Iowa City. They had lunch together in the Timmins Dining Room.

Bill Perdock celebrated his 92nd birthday in the library/coffee shop at Halcyon House Saturday, March 23. Ione Burham provided the birthday treats for the occasion.

Martha Chabal enjoyed the company of her brother in-law and sister-in law, Bob and Doris Chabal of Grundy Center. Martha gave them a personal tour of the Halcyon campus. The Chabals also stopped to see Dorothy Chabal of Washington.

Kathy Russell of Westminster, Colo., was here for a short visit with her mother, Bess Edwards. They stopped to visit with Martha Lowe and went on a road trip to Iowa City where they shopped and enjoyed the day together.

A heartfelt story was shared about a man called Santa. The setting was a Bass Pro Shop in Savannah, Ga., where some children were going through the line to visit Santa once again, as they forgot to give him their list the first time through. As they waited in line, they noticed the little boy with Santa had a problem and watched as Santa was having him touch everything including the deer. It was apparent that the little boy was blind and this Santa knew exactly what the reason of the season was all about. There was not a dry eye among the adults and not one of the children complained about the wait. The Santa happened to be the son of Halcyon resident, Opal Beenblossom. The letter addressed to the store manager expressed that God knew who Santa and Santa’s wife were and they had certainly earned their wings that day.

The “Cranium Crunch Class” is a fun group activity that everyone can benefit from. The class which consists of trivia, spelling bees, quizzes and more is held every Thursday at 3:00 pm in the Bistro.

Joe Triplett was the driver for the Alexander Fiterstein concert at the Washington Community Center earlier this month. Betty Osincup, Marcella Reed, Lois Greiner, Virginia Tschantz, Louise Chandler and lan and Margrette Utech attended the concert.

A large audience was entertained by the Lincoln School fourth-grade science class under the direction of Mr. Hippen. The goal was to wire a house that has four rooms with one light in each room that was controlled by a switch. The four D-cell batteries represented the breaker box and the students designed a plan using the secret language of electricians.

The “Topic of The Day” with Lela Garton exceeded all expectations of the listening audience when “Praying Hands” was presented as the subject of the afternoon. The abstract quality of the image of “Praying Hands” is probably the most famous drawing in the world. The finished painting depicts hands that belonged to the apostle gazing up at the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven. There is an enduring appeal of the “Praying Hands" image.

Amy Martin, certified diabetes educator from the Washington County Hospital, gave a presentation in the Marshall Game Room about “Diabetic Awareness” in observance of National Nutrition Month. Halcyon staff and residents attended the beneficial program.

Monday night at the movies was “Singin' in the Rain,” starring Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds. This move was one of the best-loved movies of all time with its fast-paced musical comedy.

The “Front Porch Travelers” enjoyed the Smithsonian’s National Zoo video. The audience enjoyed the private tour and behind-the-scenes view of the living animal collection.

A St. Patrick’s Day party was held in the Day Lounge, where laughter, music and humorous stories were told in celebration of St. Paddy’s Day. Refreshments of green Jell-O cake and frothy green sherbet drink were raised in toast as they discussed the luck of the Irish!

Everyone looks forward to Current Events that is held daily in the Activity kitchenette. The news is read and discussed with “Dear Abby” being one of the popular topics. The listeners offer their advice and have even gone so far as to name themselves “Advice from the Kitchen Table.” The news offers lots of discussion and entertainment from the group.

Stations of the Cross with Marlin Greiner have been well attended during the Lenten season with the rosary following, led by Marcella Reed.

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