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Feb 01, 2013

Condolences go to the families of Jean Conry, Ruth Lampe, Walter Lance and Thora Jones. Jean was a longtime nurse from the Ainsworth area who worked at Dr. Vosika’s office and was the mother of four sons. Ruth had a great sense of humor and was mother to nine living children who adored her. She enjoyed life, her family and music. Walter had strong ties to the Washington Community. He worked for Sitler's and made many acquaintances in the real estate business. He and his late wife, Dorothy, enjoyed living in Arizona. Thora was a four-plus-years resident of Halcyon House and amazed all who knew her. Residents and staff were honored to watch her celebrate her 98th, 99th, 100th and 101st birthdays. All of these dear ones will be missed and Halcyon was blessed to have them as our friends and neighbors.

Sympathy is extended to Wilma Atkinson’s family. Wilma and her late husband, Marsh, moved into Halcyon House in September 1979. She was instrumental and an avid supporter of the Good Samaritan Fund. She led many church mission trips and volunteered for six years on the Appalachia project. She was an avid sports fan and had a passion for genealogy. Wilma loved her Halcyon home of 33 years and her 91 years of life.

Everyone enjoys hearing about the Betty Osincup escapades. Betty and her daughter, Donna Schultz, flew to Los Angeles to visit family and church friends and were guests of daughter Nancy and Jon Roselund at Canyon Country, Calif. The main reason for the trip was to witness grandson Joe appear in the musical, “White Christmas” playing the lead role that Bing Crosby portrayed, except that Betty reported that Joe was always on pitch for the entire 14 songs and that Bing was not. Betty was very proud of her grandson as he sang, danced and did a smashing job at his acting debut.

Betty Osincup took to the sky once again with daughter Elise and grandson Ben Chapman as her traveling companions. Florida was their destination. They exited Chicago just before a snowstorm that grounded many would-be travelers. Nancy Roselund and Janet Osincup Hurley arrived for the Osincup women’s Christmas reunion. Janet hosted the Christmas dinner in her Miami home with all the Osincup girls busy preparing the meal. Janet’s son, Mario Hurley, and family joined in the family fun. They later visited the Miami Seaquarium shows. The family group visited Orlando Holy Land Theme Park and the Harry Potter attraction at Universal City. Betty climbed on Harry Potter’s broom and experienced flying – via a roller coaster and simulator. Betty was not the family member who had motion sickness. It was all great fun and bittersweet as they bid each other farewell and boarded their flights for home.

Ellen Perdock celebrated her 90th birthday in the Day Lounge last Saturday. Daughter Diane and Bob Holtaway traveled from New Jersey to host the event. They spent several days visiting the Perdocks and area friends.

Residents were treated to the annual New Year’s evening meal and entertainment in the Timmins Dining Room. Prime rib was prepared by the Morrison chef, Chris Rehmer. Dennis Albee of Burlington entertained with prerecorded background music and drum, played the guitar and harmonica and sang. The crowd had fun watching the couples on the dance floor.

A letter that was written by Mrs. Bernard McCarthy and published by the Harlee Company (home office) in the Fall-Winter of 1966 was recently brought to the attention of Halcyon staff that the current resident and former employee, Dorothy McCarthy, wrote a wonderful excerpt of her family’s age progression and involvement in the soft ice-milk operation “Tastee Freez.” Their competition in town was a large A & W and four other drive-ins in Washington, with Dorothy stating, “Ours is a quality plus promotion as we have little else different to offer.” (Other than the fact, that all 12 children were involved in the business with hopes that the proceeds would contribute to several college educations.) "The eldest son, Justin spent his 30-day Vietnam military leaves from duty at the store. Michael was manager for three years while finishing high school. Joe helped with the ads and the other role of acting manager. Monica that will soon be a teacher and Martin who registered for the draft and is one of the top students of his class will be co-managers this season. Two able assistants will be 16-year-old James, the all-around athlete and 15-year-old Marcus as the mechanic and chief bottle washer. Two enthusiastic workers are young ladies, 13-year-old Jeanette and fifth-grader Mary Alicia that are great cone makers. The 'grounds crew' and best clean up were John Pat, 9, and 7-year-old Jeffrey. They are not bashful about reminding the manager and co-managers and a few others about keeping the debris picked up. Three-year-old Michelle keeps everyone else busy. She will soon be an old pro as she was born into the business. This leaves mother, myself, that fills in when and where needed that keep things going at home, the store and often fills in on short notice. Perhaps, I should mention that the senior officer of the whole crew, father – B.H. McCarthy — is sales manager for the Moorman Manufacturing Company that takes time out occasionally to see that the mechanics of the machines are working. So, you can see it is a family affair and was such a good experience for all the youngsters!”

The Christmas decorations have been carefully packed away in storage, the holiday goodies have managed to add a few more pounds as residents witness another year come and go. There was activity aplenty with Dan and Karen Brownlee of “Joyful Sounds” entertaining with toe-tapping songs. “Just Us Girls,” under the direction of Beth McBride, was a surprise evening event. It was so much fun and greatly appreciated. A barbershop quartet named “Three Men with Soul” sang their harmonizing jubilant rendition of “Comfort and Joy” that brought laughter from the audience along with other selections.

The movies enthusiasts have enjoyed “Unstoppable” an action-packed movie that was inspired by a runaway train of 40 cars. “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” is a Broadway hit starring Debbie Reynolds and “Dennis the Menace” film was very amusing with Walter Matthau playing the grumpy next-door neighbor.

The audience was served hot dogs and french fires in honor of Betty White’s 91st birthday. Many will remember her from the comedy television show “Golden Girls.”

Betty has starred in 12 TV series, won six Emmy nominations,  has been married three times and donated millions of dollars to animal charities. Betty doesn’t owe her health to good eating habits as her favorite foods are hot dogs, french fries and licorice.

Thank heavens January is over and residents are gaining a few minutes of daylight. The activity department has placed the Valentine Day décor and now all are just waiting to receive that special card or better yet, chocolates.

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