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Heat endangers pets left in autos

By Xiomara Levsen | Jun 30, 2017



The Washington Communications Center has received several calls about dogs or children being locked in vehicles recently.

On Wednesday afternoon, a caller reported a dog being locked in a vehicle at 841 West Monroe Street in Washington with a dog inside, the call log said. The dog looked to be in distress. The Washington Police Department responded and located the owner.

The owner was counseled about not leaving the dog in the vehicle in the hot weather.

Washington Police Chief Greg Goodman said more people are concerned about seeing children or dogs in hot cars because everyone has heard how a situation like this could end up.

“They were left in the car with no ventilation and ended up dying,” Goodman said.

When his officers respond to a call like this the first thing they do is assess the situation.

“It depends on the situation and how hot it is and whether or not the windows are rolled up or down,” Goodman said. “It’s based on their [the officer’s] discretion.”

A lot of times the owner or parent will come out to the vehicle while the officer is there.

“And we’ll counsel them about leaving dogs in hot vehicles or children unattended,” Goodman said.

Unlocking a car door or breaking the window is usually the last thing an officer will do.

“If the temperatures are hot it’s better off keeping the dogs at home,” Goodman said.

For children, Goodman suggests parents take them with them inside the store.

“Never leave them in a locked car,” he said. “You don’t know how warm it could get while you’re inside the store for five or ten minutes. It’s just not worth it.”

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