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High School performs 43 one-act plays

By Andy Hallman | Nov 09, 2012
The cast of "Class Action" & "...and stuff..."

Visitors to the Washington Community Center this weekend will be treated to a smorgasbord of one-act plays. The Washington High School Drama Department will present two series of plays totaling 43 skits in all. The drama starts at 7:30 tonight, Friday and on Saturday at the same time.

One series is called “Class Action” and written by Brad Slaight. The other is “…and stuff…” and written by Peter Dee. Both series involve high schoolers and the challenges they face, ranging from lunch-room gossip to bullying to teen pregnancy.

The cast features 22 performers, most of whom play multiple characters. Director Lynn Loula said she read through about a dozen plays before settling on these two. She wanted a play with a simple set and which could accommodate at least 15 people. She liked these two plays in particular because they allowed such flexibility in the cast because, with 43 vignettes, there were so many roles to perform.

Freshman Kendra Bartholomew plays the role of a girl’s conscience who tries to convince herself (played on stage by Stephanie Barnes) to break up with her boyfriend (Matthew Bump) whose conscience is played by Graeham Beezley.

Senior Lauren Carter said her favorite role was as a girl gossiping with her friend (Caitlin Yeggy) on the phone about who’s dating whom at school. Carter said some of the characters in the play are exaggerated but for the most part they accurately reflect high school-life.

Junior Gracey Murphy’s favorite role was portraying a girl who annoys her brother (Cale Rausch) while trying to set up their mother on a date.

“I like it because I don’t actually have a brother or a sister, so it was fun to do that,” she said.

Rausch, a freshman, said it was fun to act like a little kid in the skit with Murphy, which was also his favorite skit. This marks Rousch’s first high school but his sixth overall, counting community theater.

Yeggy, a junior, was especially fond of the vignette she did with Mallory Van Winkle and Kendon Hanson. Yeggy’s character spends the whole scene trying to convince Van Winkle’s character to break up with her boyfriend, played by Hanson.

Senior Matthew Bump is in his first year in drama. His preferred role was his monologue about sanitation workers.

“I’ve always admired them,” he said.

Senior Austin Witt is also appearing on stage for the first time after spending last year backstage. He liked the experience last year and he wanted a new challenge this year. Witt’s favorite scene that he’s in is his monologue, which has a humorous and surprise ending.

Hanson, a sophomore, said his favorite performance was the break-up scene with Van Winkle and Yeggy.

Danijela Zivkovic is an exchange student from Serbia. She said it was fun to play the role of an American high schooler, because her roles are exactly what she imagined American life is based on movies she’s seen. She said there is no drama department at the school in her native country.

Zivkovic is in a scene where she and three of her friends are in a dark cellar and she scares them with a frightening ghost story.

Senior Stephanie Barnes said her favorite role was her monologue about Emily Dickinson.

“It was challenging for me to learn every word and all the pauses my character takes,” she said.

Junior Mary Kate Horak had fun portraying a girl arguing with her boyfriend (CJ Lisauskas) after he finds out she’s cheated on him.

“I’ve never done anything like that, so it was nice to do that kind of acting,” she said.

Senior Katelyn Zieglowsky said the role she liked best was playing a girl whose comforting a friend (Murphy) suffering from diabetes and who has just returned from the hospital.

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Posted by: Thomas Langr | Nov 10, 2012 08:54

I enjoyed the show!

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