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IMS basketball camp contest awards announced

By Bill Gatchel | Aug 04, 2017

The winners of the 2017 IMS basketball camp contest have been announced.

Winning in 1-on-1 were Chris Miller (10th), Wilx Witthoff (9th), Kasen Bailey (8th), Madox Doehrmann (7th), Holden Arnaman (6th) and Landry Gingerich (5th).

Winning in HORSE were Brody Miller (10th), Andre Miller (9th), Bailey (8th), Doehrmann (7th), Mason James (6th) and Gingerich (5th).

Free throw winners were Logan Stutzman (10th), John Hughes (9th), Carter Harmsen (8th), Drew Horak (7th), Arnaman (6th) and Landon Kos (5th).

Winning in spot shooting were Drew Blauvelt (10th), Carson Huedepohl (9th), Bailey (8th), Alex Bean (7th), Arnaman (6th) and Noah Rhodes (5th).

Winner for Best Defender went to Jacob Nonnenmann (10th), Ben Cooper (9th), Jacob Miller (8th), Dallon Whitehill (7th) and Gingerich (5th).

The Mr. Hustle award went to Blauvelt (10th), Witthoff (9th), Will Cavanagh (8th) and Jace Rempel (7th).

The Best Rebounder award went to Logan Harmsen (10th), London Schrock (9th), Lance Sobaski (8th), Cody Graber (7th), Braden Plotz (6th) and Kos (5th).

The Outstand Camper award went to Kobe Borntrager (10th), Andre Miller (9th), C. Harmsen (8th), Bean (7th) and Brock Harland (6th).

Mr. Fundamental was awarded to Chris Miller (10th), Eli Ours (9th), Bailey (8th), Doehrmann (7th), Arnaman (6th) and Ace Peck (5th).

The camp was led by director Dwight Gingerich and camp staff consisted of Aaron Gingerich, Randy Miller, Eli Gingerich, Nick Yutzy, and Caleb Gingerich.

Coach Gingerich also wishes to recognize IMS players Reggie Borntrager, Cole Ours, Mitchell Schmieder, Cody Jones, Trevor Leyden, and Jeremy Niemeyer for their outstanding work as demonstrators and officials through the week.

The camp was sponsored by Farmers Supply Sales and Hills Bank again this year.

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