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Islamic conflict

November 10, 2014
Washington, Iowa

To the Editor:

Mr. Tom Thomas’ observations on ISIS caught my attention recently [letter to the editor, Washington Evening Journal, Nov. 5, 2014]. So, I offer a few of my own here on the subject.
With regard to Islam, he states, “If they are truly [of] Islam, they would not kill Muslims.” Unfortunately, the internal conflict between the Sunni and Shiite sects of this religion has been going on for centuries, with much bloodshed.
I have studied about many aspects of this religion over the last three years, from a number of different sources. They rob banks and others “without regard,” as he puts it, because there is not the same concept of private property as in western civilization. It is also, simply, a power grab. Yes, people are funding them. Both Iran (Shiite) and Qatar (Sunni) are state sponsors of terrorism. ISIS is Sunni.
The media does report on ISIS, although  some of the reporting has fallen off lately. We are not defenseless; we (U.S.) have bombed them extensively for months, in both Iraq and Syria.
As for guns, guns from civillans will not deter them if they get a foothold here. It will take law enforcement and military action.
You are invited to discuss this and other issues at my Forum on Biblical Prophecy and World Events. The next edition is this Thursday, Nov. 13, at 7 p.m. in the Public Library.

Bonnie Bannister