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Jailers’ wages approved

Several personnel changes made in jail department
By Xiomara Levsen | Aug 12, 2014

After four weeks of discussion, the Washington County Supervisors agreed on the jailers’ wages at their meeting Tuesday morning.
“Well, as Jeff Garrett said, ‘Back in the hot seat again,’ ” said Washington County Sheriff Jerry Dunbar.
“I don’t think it’s a hot seat today,” said Washington County Supervisor Jack Seward Jr.
“Good,” Dunbar said. “I think we got a lot accomplished within the last week to 10 days.”
Seward agreed with Dunbar. At the supervisor meeting last Tuesday Seward asked the sheriff’s office for a spreadsheet of what the percentage pay increases would be using the wage step plan with a beginning wage of $14 an hour and an ending wage of $19.55 an hour.
Washington County Supervisor Steve Davis agreed with Seward and Dunbar.
“What we were looking for, like Jack said, was better than what I thought it would be,” Davis said.
This was a group effort between the Board of Supervisors office, the treasurer’s office, and the auditor’s office, Dunbar said.
Washington County Supervisor Richard Young said he had a meeting with Dunbar last week about the information they requested from him and brought some things to Dunbar’s attention.
Afterword, Dunbar worked with Michelle Hyman in the Washington County Auditor’s office with plugging the information into the county’s spreadsheet used for wages, said Washington County Auditor Dan Widmer.
Young suggested discussion about the wages should begin earlier in the year.
“You can’t just start at budget time,” Young said.
“I’ll not reply,” Dunbar said.
“I think we got it worked out really good, though,” Young said.
A motion was made to accept the employee rate recommendations for the 2014-15 fiscal year for jail and law enforcement wages.
Dunbar asked the supervisors if this hadn’t been done the week before. Seward said the wage scale was approved but not the pay raises.
The motion was approved unanimously.
Afterward, the supervisors approved several personnel changes in the jail department at the Washington County Sheriff’s Department. The personnel changes included: Jason Tinnes, to a supervisor position at the Washington County Jail. His pay went from $17.62 to $19.55 an hour; Kristine Nielsen’s pay to stay the same at $14.66 an hour; approved Trace Nebel’s pay increase from $14.50 to $14.59 an hour; approved Pamela Miller’s pay increase from $17.36 to $18.11 an hour; approved the retirement of David Lyons; approved Kyle Hartsock to a supervisor role and a pay increase from $18.37 to $19.55 an hour; approved Inocencia Diaz’s pay increase from $14 to $14.59 an hour; approved Barbara Brooks to a supervisor role and a pay increase from $18.37 to $19.55 an hour; approved Dennis Boecker to a supervisor position and a pay increase from $19.11 to $19.55 an hour; and approved Kristin Bell’s pay increase from $15.42 to $16.35 an hour. These personnel changes were approved unanimously to be retroactive beginning Aug. 7.
Dunbar asked the supervisors if they wanted to consider taking action on the pay scales for potential supervisors at the jail.
Seward said this was up to the other members on the board. Young said he made a motion to accept the top line of the wage scale last week.
“I guess what I’m getting at is when January rolls around do I go with those?” Dunbar asked. “Because we accepted the top line in the gray area. I don’t think we accepted the whole bar, so are we going to go through the whole process again? Or do we accept that?”
Washington County Supervisor Stan Stoops asked if there could be more discussion on this and a decision at a later date.
Davis said this was the recommendation for the next step of the wage scale.
Dunbar said it was following the directive the supervisors gave his department before.
“Is this something we can do today being it’s not on the agenda?” Davis asked. “Or does it tie into the last one?”
Stoops said to ask Washington County Attorney Larry Brock. Brock said he thought this could be lumped into what was approved before.
“And it’s an action item now,” Seward said.
“Right,” Brock said.
Seward said he was hesitant, like Stoops, to approve this right now because it’s new. The supervisors could find out a couple of months later the wage step scale they approved didn’t work.

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