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Keota approves bond issue for waste water plant improvements

By John Butters | Jun 23, 2017


KEOTA—Council members approved a number of ordinances and resolutions that were tabled, pending further information or explanation, at their council meeting June 19.

Following a public hearing, the council approved Resolution 2017-12: A Resolution Instituting Proceedings to Take Additional Action for the Authorization of a Loan and Disbursement Agreement and the Issuance of Not to Exceed $530,000 Sewer Revenue Capital Loan Notes for improvements to the city’s waste water system.

City council members approved a change order recommended by the city’s engineering firm, HR Green. The firm submitted two options for a change order regarding the size of piping for the project, telling the council that there is a possibility that part of the change order could qualify as part of a storm water project in the future. The council chose an 8-inch pipe and bio-cell in anticipation that it will qualify for reimbursement.

The city council approved an ordinance allowing the city to adjust sewer rates, by passing Ordinance 259: An Ordinance Amending the Code of Ordinances of the City of Keota, Iowa, 2006, By Amending Provisions Pertaining to the Rates Charge for Sewer Rental Rate.

Council members approved two resolutions unrelated to the sewer project.

The council approved Resolution 2017-13 for the purpose of receiving benefits from the Washington County Riverboat Foundation to update the concession stand and purchase new equipment and lime for the fields.

The council members approved Resolution 2017-15, approving an application for Keota Unlimited to receive a grant from the Washington County Riverboat Foundation. The funds would be used by Keota Unlimited to purchase more trash receptacles for Broadway Avenue.

A Keota Unlimited spokesperson said the group would like to start working with other organizations in the community to do projects that will make an impact. This fall they would like to get with the city and Keota Ball Association to apply for the KCCEF grant for park/ball field improvements.

Council members approved an agreement with Farmers Cooperative Association to purchase property for an addition to the new Keota Kewash Trailhead site. Since an abstract for the property could not be located, the council agreed to pay to have the abstract re-created. The expense for the land will be reimbursed through a Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) grant.

The Roost Tap, Keota Eagle Foods and County Line Mart, LLC. were approved for cigarette/tobacco permits.

Melinda Eakins, Keota Visioning Committee, updated council members on a trails project. She said that she has been attending meetings with the Washington County Trail organization and that they just hired MSA to work with them.

She has been looking at material kits for a shelter that will be placed at the Kewash Trailhead. A restroom would be added at a later date.

The budget and design for the shelter has not been set, but she said she would keep the council informed as it progresses.

Denny Lyle is working on the bid packet for the project and will be at the next council meeting to present it for approval. The organization will be applying for more grants this year to help with the development of the property.

City Public Works director Kevin Slaubaugh reported L.L. Pelling brought in a load of rock that can be spread over the road work that was performed last month.

Slaubaugh will continue to spread the rock over the areas that need it due to how it weathered. A fire hydrant at Chesney and Broadway is broken and parts have been order to get it fixed, he said.

Slaubaugh told council members that property owners of a tree are responsible for trimming branches that obscure signs. He plans to have City Clerk Nikki Osweiler send a letter to those property owners to trim the branches.

Slaubaugh will have the trees trimmed at the cemetery in response to complaints, but those trees will be coming down in the near future due to the ash borer

Officer Doug Conrad reported he had 32 complaints/service calls: three assault, motor vehicle theft, weapons, controlled substances, two family/children, two disorderly conduct, two suspicion, six assist/service, attempt to locate, four civil dispute, five miscellaneous complaints, two livestock and two traffic violations. He issued two citations: speed/alternative enforcement and careless driving/alternative enforcement.


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