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Neighbors Growing Together | Jul 15, 2018

Kleese reunion held

Jul 20, 2017

The 85th Kleese Reunion was held July 16 at the Marr Park Conservation Center East of Washington. President Rita Phipps welcomed the group and Wilma Wright asked the blessing before the cooperative meal.

Patricia Dusenbery, Kleese Family Historian reported six births, five marriages, and five deaths during the past year.

Addilyn Clark, 5 months old, was the youngest family member present. Gene and Kathy Griffith of Naples, Florida, traveled the farthest. Wilma Wright has attended many reunions. Patricia Dusenbery, the oldest member, traveled the least and has attended many reunions.

Correspondence was read from family members who could not attend. Tom Bauer shared memories of the family rhymes, riddles and other book he played with at the Harry Kleese Home. Family memorabilia was displayed for members to photograph. Margie Zimmerman sang a German song she remembers the Ancestor’s singing. Peggy Mason was elected President for the 2018 year. Gene Griffith-Vice President; Ruth Maddalozzo –Secretary and Patricia Dusenbery remains Family Historian. The 2018 Reunion will be the third Sunday in July at a place to be determined. Family members enjoyed visiting.

Relatives attending were: Sonny and Rita Phipps, of Washington; Brian and Ann Phipps, of Davenport; Wilma Wright, of Keota; Joe Wright, of Keota; Karla Maxwell and Alicia Maxwell, of Washington; Marjorie Zimmerman and Beverly Dillon, of Greeley, Colorado; Tom Bauer, of Iowa City; Brett and Laura Bauer, of Coralville; Kayleigh Bauer and Cooper Grivan, of Iowa City; Patricia Dusenbery, of Washington; C. Junior and Vivian Griffith, of Washington; Mike and Gina Hill, of Ankeny; Gene and Kathy Griffith, of Naples, Florida; Barry and Mary Linda Griffith and Janet Griffith, of Knoxville; Don and Peggy Mason, of Saint Charles; James and Kathy Starbuck, of Queen City, Missouri; Jason Starbuck, Jon, Riley and Lydia, of Maryland Heights, Missouri; Roy and Ashton Clark, and Addilyn, of Lancaster, Missouri; and Dave and Ruth Maddalozzo, of Seymour.

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