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Lead mitigation comes in under budget

Sep 07, 2017

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


In April 2015, a lead paint inspection had been done on the tower to prepare for the demolition. While no lead paint was found on the tank itself, a “considerable” amount was located in the soil below the tower. Hinson believes the contamination was the result of a past sandblasting of the paint on the tower, which removed a coat of lead-based paint.

“It might have been 50 years or more that it was sandblasted off,” Hinson said. “The soil is contaminated with lead paint, so when we demolished the tower, we left the footings alone knowing that we would have to go back and dig that soil out later.”

The city had done a lot of examination of options on how to remove the lead paint in an environmentally friendly but cost-effective manner, Hinson said.

The water plant project is scheduled to begin later this year. The project will completely redo the Washington Water Treatment Plant. It will convert the treatment from an electrodialysis reversal process to reverse osmosis. It is scheduled to happen over an 18-month period, mostly because the plant will have to keep operating throughout the process. The project includes construction of a new building addition, demolition of the existing pump building, abandonment of the 1992 underground clearwell and pump, addition of a chemical feed or aerator on top of an existing 2015 ground storage reservoir, and reinstallation of the existing high service pumps within the building. The addition will include reverse osmosis treatment skids, a dedicated electrical room, chemical feed rooms, HVAC room, generator and power service combinations, and a new control system.

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