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Let the subject be done

Feb. 11, 2014
Washington, Iowa

To the editor,
I am sick to death of all this coverage in your paper about the Bob Bellmar situation. I understand that times are hard these days and to be without a job is a precarious position to be in.  It’s scary!  I know first hand because when I was told that I was going to be out of a job come December, I panicked! I however did NOT make a public debacle of myself whining at every public meeting I could find. I went out and found a new job. I am impressed with the level of loyalty Bob seems to have from his friends and former clients from the park, but the chaos they are creating at public forums and on the pages of this paper has got to end!! There is nothing to be gained other than riling up the public and the county employees. Only the parties directly involved know the entire situation and truth. In my opinion, if a paid professional mediator, who is an impartial third party, that the conservation department brought in, found enough information to recommend Bob’s termination and the board followed that recommendation, then Bob should be terminated!  Period. End of story. We do not need to read about Bob and his friends’ outrage every other night in the Journal.  Think of the other parties involved ... they still have a job to do and publicity like this cannot be making their lives easy and making it impossible to do their job. So please for the sake of the staff at Marr Park, the county conservation board members, and the rest of the tax paying public ..... let this subject be done!

Thank you,
Angi Staley