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Let’s put working families first

Sep 04, 2018

By Senator Kevin Kinney


Today, Iowa workers are under attack. It started when the GOP took control of state government in 2017, after making campaign promises to increase family incomes by 25 percent and create 200,000 new jobs.

Instead, they overturned laws that brought Iowans better wages, safer working conditions and a stronger economy. They took away rights from Iowa teachers, police officers, health care professionals and firefighters.

First, they gutted our 40-year-old compromise on public employee bargaining, a law originally put in place by Iowa Republicans to prevent strikes. Iowa’s collective bargaining law ensured employees and public employers collaborated on mutually agreeable solutions in the workplace.

Next, they went after Iowans injured on the job. Now companies will pay less when their workers are injured, and families and the public will pay more. Iowans deserve safe working conditions, not shortcuts with their safety.

They also weakened wage and “Buy American” requirements. This could drive down construction wages in rural areas, and result in out-of-state contractors with an out-of-state workforce coming in to do Iowa jobs.

I believe a strong state starts from the bottom up.

We must restore and protect workplace rights, and give priority to Iowa employees and employers—not out-of-state special interests.

As we celebrate Labor Day, let’s renew our commitment to the principles that helped workers achieve the American dream and made our country strong. Let’s Put Iowans First!

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