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Jul 27, 2017

To the Editor:

I speak in favor of voting yes for the hotel/motel tax. I pay that tax regularly while on my business trips.

Three of our last stays were in MN. where the rates are listed as a Room Tax which ranged from 3.18 to 3.27 to 3.90, a total of $10.35.

Our Iowa stays include $7.63, 6.30, 8.13, 5.23, & 27.30. Those figures total $54.59. The largest amount was a business convention in Des Moines and was for 3 nights at $9.10/night.

May I ask how many of you visit Des Moines for athletic tournament stays? How many of you balance the expense of driving with a motel stay? How many of you go to the State Fair? If you camp, perhaps you don’t pay this tax, but if you don’t camp, and you stay at any motel in the Des Moines area, you will pay the hotel/motel tax.

Although opposition sees this as an excessive cost of business for the workers staying at the motels, I see many motels statewide housing road crews, fiber optic crews, electric crews, etc. staying at motels that do have hotel/motel tax and that isn’t anything but a cost of business to keep their crews in close proximity to their work.

Other opposition sees this as somehow relating to property tax. The tax has no connection to your home or property. If a disaster strikes and you have to use a local motel, your insurance company will not quibble about the hotel/motel tax additional cost. It’s minimal in comparison to re-building your home after a fire or flood or whatever other natural disaster occurs.

IF, on the other hand, you choose to house your guests at a motel because of lack of space at your home, or because of a wedding, etc., that is a personal decision, and if the tax passes, you’ll know it’s an additional cost to your event. By that time in most weddings, sticker shock has already overwhelmed and one more small cost really isn’t even thought about.

It would be nice if people in Washington realized there is much to do and see here in our community. We have experienced a very positive uptick in local square activities, including the business community’s growth in the past 10 years. We have many unique retail stores that invite people from out of town (they are tourists, folks) to shop here, spend their evenings in our motels and suites, and express their appreciation for the friendliness and hospitality they experience while visiting Washington.

Please do your part and help Washington continue to grow and remain hospitable, vote YES for the hotel/motel tax August 1 – or sooner.


Virginia D. McCurdy



To the editor:

With a Motel Tax discouraging tourists how can the City of Washington afford additional 12 to 15 Officers to enforce the 25 MPH speed limits and the fireworks restrictions. Consider the hours, trespassers, house fires, lives and medical wounding?


TSGT L. D. Oliver


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