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Letters to the editor

Aug 24, 2017

Washingtonians are so lucky to have such a fine new library. It is absolutely first rate. However, a library is just a building. What we are REALLY lucky to have is such a wonderful library staff. They don’t miss a thing. I am specifically referring to the recent eclipse of the sun.

Their clever promotions of the eclipse drew us to the town square, where the south side was closed to traffic. The library staff had ordered hundreds of “eclipse glasses” and there were enough for the large crowd that showed up. It was fun to watch as children and adults alike watched the eclipse with this protection. After the eclipse, these glasses were collected, and I’m told they will be sent on to Japan, where the Japanese citizens will need them in 2019!

We thought the “show” was over when clouds covered what was left of the eclipse. Then out of the library came a huge box of “Moon Pies” (compliments of the HyVee) for the crowd to enjoy. I wondered then what else these librarians had thought of. I went inside and found all sorts of displays highlighting the event. The staff had even live-streamed it from NASA that morning! Their creative juices were certainly flowing.

Washington, we have it all! We have a wonderful facility, and a library staff that makes it even better. We are so lucky!


Mary Chmelar


To the editor:

I wanted to write in and hopefully reach people in Washington, and even the surrounding towns that may not be aware, of just how incrediable our county conservation department is!!!

There was an article recently in The Journal about the record-breaking year the county had with completed projects. I found out recently that not only did those projects get done, with the exception of contracted the big dirt moving, they were all done by a handful of employees of the Washington County Conservation team!!!

I am fortunate to live within a block of the head of the Kewash trail so I manage to walk and enjoy the trail on an almost daily basis! I want to encourage anyone who has not been out on the trail in the last couple of months to tie up your walking shoes and discover the gem!

The Willow Pond is about a mile and one fourth from the head of the trail. However! There is a gravel and very spacious parking lot on the corner of west 5th Ave and the trail. If you start there you have about one-half mile less to walk! It is so worth the time to get out there! The super awesome team at the conservation center hand-poured a brand-new sidewalk leading from the brand new gazebo to the brand-new benches on the jetties. Even the Boy Scouts got involved with an Eagle project by helping with landscaping and clearing of the trail. The pond was drained and restocked about 3 years ago, and with the brand-new shoreline and drainage added this year, it’s like a new pond!

The newly raised trail around the pond gives you some awe-striking views that makes you wonder if you really are in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa!

And for my fellow biking peps, the crowning jewel of the trail projects is the Kiwi Avenue fix. It went from the worst spot to ride your bike across, to the best spot on the trail! No need to dismount and walk the bike across and hope to not break an ankle in the ruts anymore! It is full speed glide straight down and back up across that intersection! They even installed safety rumbles!

So thank you to the Board of the conservation department and to Steve Anderson all your time and efforts and for securing the funds for making these projects happen! And thank you to my friend Kathy Dolan for making sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed! And serious props to Fritz, Mark, and Jayse for your hands on, blood, sweat, and tears for making this old railroad track something to be so proud of!

I thank you every day, and truly hope that someone who has never been on the Kewash will be inspired by my letter to take that hike and fall in love with the beauty!


Angi Staley



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