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Lost and Found

Jan 06, 2014

It was a case of serendipity, where several little and inconsequential steps occurred and culminated in discovery and a mystery solved.

The first inconsequential step, in this case, was spending an afternoon break at the library. It's not unusual, but I usually head up to the second floor, sit at a table and read and write.

But for some reason I stayed on the first floor that day.

I like to browse the new adult fiction and nonfiction shelves. I happened upon a historical novel that takes place in Poland. I would have preferred reading a historical novel set in Czechoslovakia, but thought I might be able to glean some knowledge from a neighboring country. I decided to check the book out, even though I was in the midst of reading other books, and I didn't really need to begin another.

But, if I hadn't decided to check it out, I wouldn't have made the discovery that I was about to make. This added one or two more inconsequential steps toward the serendipitous moment.

It wasn't particularly busy at the library. The librarians were busy doing their jobs. It was a good thing the librarians were where they were. It gave me a few moments to scan the checkout area in front of me.

Something caught my eye, something Scotch-taped to something on the counter near the bar code scanner. Suddenly I saw an earring that was just like one I had lost a few weeks earlier.

"That's my earring!" I said.

That comment excited the nearby librarians. Someone had found the earring and one of the librarians took the time to be concerned and to Scotch-tape it to whatever it was taped to. Someone had the hope that the owner of the earring would spot it, and I did.

The librarians were so excited that the owner of the earring was finally discovered. One of the librarians had hoped the person would have retraced her steps, that afternoon, in order to be reunited with the earring much sooner.

I remember being in my office when I realized I had lost the earring. I don't know how many steps I would have had to retrace even if I had attempted it. All I know is that I thought it was gone and lost forever.

The pair of earrings wasn't expensive, less than $10 I think, but they were unique. I really liked them.

Well, I can continue to like them now.


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